Chinese actresses who deceased at age 57

Here are 1 famous actresses from China died at 57:

Chien Yu

Chien Yu (May 25, 1942 Tianjin-April 10, 2000 Hong Kong) a.k.a. Chi-ling Ke, Qian Yu, Angela Yu Chien or Angela Yu Ching was a Chinese actor.

She died as a result of cancer.

Chien Yu began her career as an actress in Taiwan in the 1960s, appearing in a number of Mandarin-language films before making her way to Hong Kong in the early 1970s. She quickly became a popular actress in the region, starring in a wide variety of films throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including martial arts films, drama, romance, and comedy. Some of her most memorable films include "The Bloody Fists," "The Eighteen Jade Arhats," and "Shaolin Prince."

Aside from her acting career, Chien Yu was also known for her philanthropic work. She dedicated much of her time and resources to supporting cancer research and other charitable causes. Her death in 2000 was met with widespread mourning from fans and admirers around the world. She is remembered as one of the most beloved actresses of her generation, and her contributions to the film industry and beyond continue to be celebrated to this day.

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