Colombian music stars who deceased at age 72

Here are 1 famous musicians from Colombia died at 72:

Santos Acosta

Santos Acosta (November 1, 1828 Miraflores, Boyacá-January 9, 1901 Bogotá) also known as Dr. Santos Acosta or Manuel María de los Santos Acosta Castillo was a Colombian politician, soldier, physician and rector.

Acosta completed his primary and secondary education in his hometown of Miraflores before moving to Bogotá to pursue further studies. He studied medicine at the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario and became a licensed physician in 1853. He worked as a doctor in various hospitals in Bogotá for several years before entering politics.

Acosta served as a member of the Colombian Congress, Senator and Minister of Education during his political career. He also founded the Universidad Central de Colombia, which later became the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Acosta served as the rector of the university from 1867 to 1886.

Acosta was an important figure in the development of the Colombian educational system and was a strong advocate for public education. He is remembered for his contributions to Colombian politics, education and medicine.

Acosta played a significant role in the modernization of Colombia during the late 19th century. He was a supporter of the liberal party and worked to promote progressive policies that would benefit the country's population. As Minister of Education, he emphasized the importance of free, public education for all Colombians, regardless of social status or gender.

Acosta also had a distinguished military career. He fought in the civil wars that plagued Colombia during the mid-19th century and rose to the rank of colonel. He was one of the leaders of the Liberal forces during the War of A Thousand Days, which lasted from 1899 to 1902.

In addition to his political and military activities, Acosta was a prolific writer and journalist. He founded several newspapers and magazines, including El Tiempo, which is still one of Colombia's leading newspapers today. He was also a historian and wrote several books on Colombian history and politics.

Today, Acosta is remembered as a pioneering figure in Colombian politics and education. His legacy is carried on by the institutions he founded, such as the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and his contributions to the country's development continue to be celebrated.

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