Colombian musicians died in Heart failure

Here are 1 famous musicians from Colombia died in Heart failure:

Rafael Escalona

Rafael Escalona (May 26, 1927 Patillal-May 13, 2009 Bogotá) also known as Rafael Calixto Escalona Martinez, The Master or El Maestro was a Colombian composer, diplomat and poet.

Discography: Escalona: Vol. 2. Genres related to him: Vallenato.

Rafael Escalona was born in the small town of Patillal in the department of Cesar, Colombia. He grew up in a musical family and was exposed to the folk music of the region from a young age. He began composing his own songs in his teenage years, drawing inspiration from the people and landscapes of his hometown.

Escalona became a prominent figure in the vallenato genre, a type of folk music that originated in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. His songs often told stories of love, nature, and daily life, and his poetic lyrics and melodic compositions made him a beloved figure in the Colombian music scene.

Aside from his musical career, Escalona also served as a diplomat for Colombia in various countries, including Spain and Italy. He was a cultural ambassador for the country and helped promote Colombian music and folklore around the world.

Some of his most famous compositions include "La Casa en el Aire," "El Testamento," and "La Maravilla." Escalona passed away in 2009 in Bogotá, leaving a legacy as one of the most important figures in Colombian music history.

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