Congolese musicians died in Cardiac arrest

Here are 1 famous musicians from Congo died in Cardiac arrest:

Ndombe Opetum

Ndombe Opetum (March 3, 1944 Bandundu Province-May 24, 2012 Kinshasa) also known as Pepe Ndombe was a Congolese singer and composer.

He was one of the pioneers of Soukous music, a style of dance music that originated in Congo in the 1960s, and was instrumental in its development and popularization. Ndombe Opetum was a member of several influential bands in Congo, including African Fiesta, African All Stars, and TPOK Jazz, where he played guitar and provided vocals. He also had a successful solo career, releasing more than 20 albums over the course of his career. Ndombe Opetum was known for his soulful voice, intricate guitar playing, and ability to blend Congolese rhythms with elements of jazz, funk, and Latin music. His music continues to be celebrated in Congo and beyond, and he is remembered as one of the greatest musicians in African history.

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