Croatian movie actors died in the year 1998

Here are 1 famous actors from Croatia died in 1998:

Drago Krca

Drago Krca (September 1, 1923 Kutina-March 22, 1998 Zagreb) also known as Dragutin Krca was a Croatian actor.

He appeared in over 100 theatre productions, playing lead roles in many of them. He was also a prominent figure in Croatian film, with notable roles in films such as "Nova Cesta" (1959), "Ponedjeljak ili utorak" (1966), and "Jaganjac" (1983). Krca was recognized for his contributions to the arts, receiving numerous awards throughout his career, including the Vladimir Nazor Award for his lifetime achievement in acting. He passed away in 1998, leaving behind a lasting legacy in Croatian theatre and cinema.

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