Argentine actors who deceased at age 77

Here are 4 famous actors from Argentina died at 77:

Pedro Quartucci

Pedro Quartucci (July 30, 1905 Buenos Aires-April 20, 1983 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor and professional boxer.

He died in myocardial infarction.

Quartucci was born into a family of Italian immigrants and started his professional career as a boxer. He participated in more than 70 fights as a welterweight and won 30 of them by knockout. Later, he transitioned into acting and became a popular character actor in Argentine cinema, appearing in more than 80 films. He was known for his humorous performances and often played working-class or comedic roles. Among his notable movies are "Los Muchachos de antes no usaban gomina" (1937), "La Quintrala" (1945), and "El Fausto criollo" (1949). Quartucci was also a regular performer on Argentine radio and television. Despite his success in show business, he maintained his passion for boxing throughout his life and even trained other boxers occasionally.

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Orestes Caviglia

Orestes Caviglia (November 9, 1893 Buenos Aires-April 1, 1971 San Miguel de Tucumán) also known as Oreste Caviglia was an Argentine film director and actor.

He began his career as a stage actor and later transitioned into filmmaking, directing and acting in numerous films in Argentina during the Golden Age of Argentine cinema. Some of his most notable works as a director include "Los Muchachos de antes no usaban gomina" and "Amor de locura".

As an actor, Caviglia appeared in over 80 films, including "Tango Bar", "La casa del recuerdo" and "El otro yo de Marcela". He was known for his versatility and ability to play a variety of roles, ranging from dramatic to comedic.

In addition to his work in film, Caviglia also worked extensively in radio and theater. He was a founding member of the Argentine Actors Association and was known for his commitment to promoting the arts in Argentina.

Caviglia received numerous awards for his contributions to Argentine cinema and theater, including the Konex Award in 1981 for his lifetime achievement in film.

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Paul Ellis

Paul Ellis (November 6, 1896 Buenos Aires-January 30, 1974 Mar del Plata) also known as Manuel Granada, Manuel Granado, Benjamin Italo Jose Ingenito O'Higgins, Manuel Renaldo Granado or Manolo Granada was an Argentine actor.

Ellis began his career in the theater in Argentina, but eventually moved to Hollywood to pursue his love of film. He became a successful character actor, appearing in over 80 films throughout his career. Ellis was often typecast in tough-guy roles, playing henchmen, gangsters, and detectives. Some of his notable film credits include "Scarface" (1932), "The Big Combo" (1955), and "The Killing" (1956). In addition to his film work, Ellis also appeared in several television shows in the 1950s and 1960s. He remained active in the entertainment industry until his death in 1974.

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Gerardo Sofovich

Gerardo Sofovich (March 18, 1937 Buenos Aires-March 8, 2015) was an Argentine film director, screenwriter, actor, comedian and businessperson. His child is Gustavo Sofovich.

He died as a result of heart failure.

Gerardo Sofovich was a prominent figure in Argentine entertainment, with a career spanning over five decades. He began his career in the 1960s as a comedy writer and performer, and later moved into film and television production. He was an important figure in the development of Argentine cinema, producing and directing numerous films throughout his career. Sofovich was also a successful businessman, owning several theaters in Buenos Aires and producing numerous stage plays. He was widely recognized for his contributions to Argentine culture, and received several awards and honors throughout his life. Despite his success, he was known for his down-to-earth personality and sense of humor, and was beloved by many in the Argentine entertainment industry.

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