Cypriot music stars who deceased at age 72

Here are 1 famous musicians from Cyprus died at 72:

Nicos Nicolaides

Nicos Nicolaides (April 3, 1884 Nicosia-June 24, 1956 Cairo) also known as Nikos Nikolaides was a Cypriot writer and novelist.

He was one of the most important figures of Cypriot literature and his works often dealt with themes such as love, family, and the struggle for independence. He studied in Constantinople and Athens before returning to Cyprus to work as a teacher. In addition to novels, he also wrote plays, memoirs and articles for newspapers and magazines. His most famous works include "The Murderess", "The Nereids", and "The Mermaid of Akrotiri". He was also active in politics and was a vocal advocate for Cypriot independence from British rule.

In 1931, Nicos Nicolaides co-founded the literary magazine "Athena" which aimed to promote Cypriot literature and culture. He also helped establish the Pancyprian Union of Teachers to advocate for the rights of educators in Cyprus. Despite facing censorship and persecution from colonial authorities, he continued to write and publish works that were celebrated by the Cypriot public. In 1956, he was forced to flee to Egypt due to political persecution and died in Cairo later that year. Nicolaides' contributions to Cypriot literature and culture continue to be celebrated and studied today.

In addition to his literary and political endeavors, Nicos Nicolaides was also a polyglot and spoke several languages fluently including Greek, Turkish, French, and English. He was also a music enthusiast and played the violin, often incorporating musical themes into his writings. Nicolaides was deeply committed to educating future generations and founded a number of schools in Cyprus. His dedication to education earned him the nickname "The Teacher" among his peers and admirers. Today, many buildings in Cyprus, including schools and libraries, are named after him to commemorate his contributions to the nation's cultural and educational heritage. Despite his controversial views and political persecution, Nicos Nicolaides' work has withstood the test of time and is still regarded as a groundbreaking contribution to both Cypriot and Greek literature.

Furthermore, Nicos Nicolaides was not only a writer and educator but also a prominent member of the Orthodox Church in Cyprus. He served as a member of the Holy Synod and was a respected theologian who wrote extensively on religious topics. He even wrote a book called "The Life of St. Spiridon" which was widely read and celebrated. Despite his many accomplishments, Nicolaides lived a modest and humble life, always putting his students and community first. He believed that education and self-improvement were the keys to a better future for Cyprus and its people. Today, he is remembered as a cultural icon and a hero of the Cypriot independence movement. His legacy serves as an inspiration to future generations of writers, educators, and activists who strive to make a positive difference in their communities.

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