Czech movie actors died in the year 1979

Here are 2 famous actors from Czech Republic died in 1979:

Miloš Willig

Miloš Willig (January 28, 1921 Velké Svatoňovice-August 23, 1979 Prague) was a Czech actor.

Willig started his career in the theatre as an actor and director in the 1940s. He then expanded into film and television, earning critical acclaim for his performances in numerous Czech films. Some of his most notable roles include playing the lead in the film "The White Sheik" and starring in the television series "Pan Tau". Willig was also highly regarded for his work in theatre, and was a member of Prague's National Theatre from 1959 until his death in 1979. He was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist in 1958 and the title of National Artist in 1979 for his contributions to Czech culture.

Nora Stallich

Nora Stallich (July 8, 1910 Prague-February 10, 1979 Prague) also known as Nora (Norbert) Stallich was a Czech actor.

She began her career in the theater and later transitioned to film. Stallich appeared in over 30 Czech films during her career, becoming one of the most popular actors in the country. She often played strong and independent women, and her performances were noted for their emotion and authenticity. Stallich was a recipient of the prestigious Thalia Award, which recognizes excellence in the Czech theater. She was married to fellow actor Jaroslav Průcha, and the two often appeared on stage and screen together. Despite her success, Stallich remained humble and dedicated to her craft until her death in 1979. Today, she is remembered as one of the greatest Czech actors of her time.

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