Czech movie actresses died in the year 1962

Here are 1 famous actresses from Czech Republic died in 1962:

Suzanne Marwille

Suzanne Marwille (July 11, 1895 Prague-January 14, 1962 Czechoslovakia) a.k.a. Marta Schöllerová was a Czech screenwriter and actor. Her children are called Marta Fricová and Eva Fričová.

Marwille initially worked as a screenwriter before moving into acting. She appeared in several films during the 1920s and 30s, including "The Girl from Carqueville" and "František Langer's Devilish Pit". In addition to her work in film, Marwille was also active in the theater, both as an actor and a playwright. She wrote several plays, including "The Night Before the Wedding" and "Princess Imma".

Marwille was known for her versatility and ability to play a wide range of roles. She often portrayed strong, independent women in her films, a reflection of her own feminist beliefs. Despite her success, however, Marwille's career was cut short by the rise of fascism in Czechoslovakia. She was forced to flee the country in 1938 and ultimately settled in the United States.

In the US, Marwille continued to work in the arts, but struggled to make the same impact that she had in Czechoslovakia. She appeared in several small roles in Hollywood films and continued to write plays, but her work received little recognition. Marwille returned to Czechoslovakia in the late 1950s, where she lived out the remainder of her life. Today, she is remembered as a pioneering figure in Czech cinema, both for her acting and her writing.

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