Czech movie actresses died in the year 2007

Here are 2 famous actresses from Czech Republic died in 2007:

Iva Hercíková

Iva Hercíková (November 2, 1935 Pardubice-January 27, 2007 Prague) also known as Iva Vodnanská or Iva Vodňanská was a Czech writer, actor and screenwriter.

She started her career in the 1960s as an actress in Czechoslovakian films and later moved on to writing and screenwriting. Her literary works were mostly for children and young adults, including the books "Paměti mého psa" and "Strom v Čechách". She also wrote scripts for popular Czech TV series, such as "Pan Tau" and "Kouzelný Měšec". During her lifetime, she received several awards for her contribution to Czech literature and the arts, and was recognized as one of the most prominent figures of Czech children's literature.

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Jiřina Steimarová

Jiřina Steimarová (January 24, 1916 Prague-October 7, 2007 Prague) also known as Jirina Steimarová was a Czech actor. She had two children, Jiří Kodet and Evelyna Steimarová.

Jiřina Steimarová began her acting career in the 1930s and appeared in numerous films, plays, and television shows throughout her career. She was especially known for her roles in comedic films, such as "Vesničko má středisková" and "Lemonade Joe". Steimarová was a popular and beloved figure in Czech entertainment, and was awarded the Thalia Award for her contributions to theatre in 1990. Outside of acting, she was also an accomplished writer and translator, with several published works to her name. Despite experiencing political persecution during the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia, Steimarová remained an outspoken advocate for artistic freedom throughout her life.

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