Croatian musicians died when they were 67

Here are 3 famous musicians from Croatia died at 67:

Robert Frangeš-Mihanović

Robert Frangeš-Mihanović (October 2, 1872 Sremska Mitrovica-January 12, 1940 Zagreb) was a Croatian personality.

He was a writer, lawyer, and diplomat who made significant contributions to the preservation and promotion of Croatian culture. Frangeš-Mihanović was born into a family of Croatian nobles and grew up in Zagreb. He studied law in Zagreb, Graz, and Vienna, and later pursued a career in diplomacy, serving as the first secretary of the Croatian legation in Vienna and as the Croatian consul general in Pest.

Frangeš-Mihanović was also a prolific writer, best known for his work in preserving the folklore of Croatia. Over the course of his career, he collected and published numerous folk songs, fairy tales, and legends from various regions of Croatia. His most famous work is the song "Our beautiful homeland," which was later adopted as the national anthem of Croatia.

Throughout his life, Frangeš-Mihanović was a strong advocate for Croatian independence and autonomy, and he played a significant role in the cultural and political life of his country. He was awarded numerous honors for his contributions to Croatian culture, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of Croatians to this day.

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Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp

Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp (April 4, 1880 Zadar-May 30, 1947 Stowe) also known as Korvettenkapitän Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp or Baron Georg von Trapp was a Croatian naval officer, sailor, singer and nobleman. He had ten children, Agathe von Trapp, Maria Franziska von Trapp, Werner von Trapp, Hedwig von Trapp, Johanna von Trapp, Martina von Trapp, Rupert von Trapp, Rosemarie von Trapp, Eleonore von Trapp and Johannes von Trapp.

Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp is best known for his family's escape from Austria during World War II, which was depicted in the famous musical and movie "The Sound of Music". In addition to his naval career, he was also an accomplished singer and musician who formed the Trapp Family Singers with his children. The group won acclaim for their performances in Austria and toured internationally, eventually settling in the United States where they continued to perform and record music. Despite his naval background, von Trapp was reportedly uncomfortable with the Nazi regime and refused to fly the Nazi flag on his ships. After his death, his wife Maria continued to lead the Trapp Family Singers, which eventually disbanded in the 1950s.

He died in lung cancer.

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Zvonko Bušić

Zvonko Bušić (January 23, 1946 Gorica-September 1, 2013) was a Croatian personality.

He was known for his involvement in the Croatian nationalist movement and his participation in a hijacking in 1976. Bušić, along with his wife and four other Croatian nationalists, hijacked a TWA plane and demanded the release of Croatian prisoners. The hijacking ended with the death of one passenger and the arrest of the hijackers. Bušić was sentenced to life in prison, but was released in 2008 on parole after serving 32 years. After his release, he returned to Croatia and became a prominent figure in the far-right political scene. Bušić died in 2013 in Croatia, where he was buried with full military honors.

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