Czech musicians died when they were 41

Here are 3 famous musicians from Czech Republic died at 41:

Dana Vávrová

Dana Vávrová (August 9, 1967 Prague-February 5, 2009 Munich) a.k.a. Danuse Vávrová or Dana Vavrova was a Czech actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer. She had three children, Theresa Vilsmaier, Josefina Vilsmaier and Janina Vilsmaier.

Throughout her career, Dana Vávrová appeared in over 60 Czech and German films, including "The Elementary School", "Kolya", and "The Infiltrator". In addition to acting, Vávrová also worked behind the camera as a writer, director, and producer on various film projects. She received several awards for her work, including the Best Supporting Actress award at the Czech Lion Awards for her role in "Zelary" in 2003. Vávrová was also active in the charity sector and supported various organizations throughout her life. Her legacy as a multi-talented artist and humanitarian continues to inspire many to this day.

She died in cancer.

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Jan Želivský

Jan Želivský (April 5, 1380 Humpolec-March 9, 1422 Prague) also known as Jan Zelivsky was a Czech personality.

He was a Hussite priest who played a significant role in the Hussite Wars, a series of conflicts in Bohemia between the followers of Jan Hus and the Catholic Church. He became known for his fiery sermons that incited the common people to rise up against the ruling classes and the Catholic Church.

In 1419, he led a group of Hussites in the First Defenestration of Prague, where they threw several Catholic councilors out of a window of the Prague Castle. This event sparked the Hussite Wars.

Želivský was a prominent military leader and fought in several battles against the Catholics, including the Battle of Vítkov Hill, where he led the Hussite forces to victory. However, his radical views and tactics caused a rift among the Hussites, and he was eventually killed by members of his own movement who disagreed with his extreme agenda.

Despite his controversial legacy, Želivský is regarded by many as a martyr and a symbol of Czech resistance to foreign domination.

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Božena Němcová

Božena Němcová (February 4, 1820 Vienna-January 21, 1862 Prague) otherwise known as Bozena Nemcova, Barbara Pankel or Barbora Panklová was a Czech writer. She had four children, Hynek Němec, Karel Němec, Theodora Němcová and Jaroslav Němec.

Němcová was known for her contributions to Czech literature, specifically her collection of folk tales entitled "Babička" (Grandmother). She also wrote several other books, including "Divá Bára" (Wild Barbara) and "Pohorská vesnice" (Mountain Village).

As a child, Němcová's family moved frequently due to her father's career as a soldier. She eventually settled in Prague where she married Josef Němec, a wealthy businessman. However, the marriage was unhappy and Němcová eventually left him to pursue her writing career.

Němcová was an advocate for women's rights and often wrote about the struggles of women in Czech society. She was also involved in the Czech National Revival movement, which sought to promote and revive Czech language and culture.

Today, Němcová is considered one of the most important figures in Czech literature and her works continue to be studied and celebrated in the Czech Republic and beyond.

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