Czech musicians died in Suicide

Here are 3 famous musicians from Czech Republic died in Suicide:

Jaromír Weinberger

Jaromír Weinberger (January 8, 1896 Prague-August 8, 1967 St. Petersburg) also known as Jaromir Weinberger, Weinberger or Weinberger, Jaromír was a Czech , .

His most important albums: Schwanda (Munich Radio Orchestra & Bavarian Radio Chorus feat. conductor: Heinz Wallberg) and New World Symphony and Other Orchestral Masterworks.

Jaromír Weinberger was a Czech composer and conductor. He was born in Prague in 1896 and began his music education at the Prague Conservatory. Throughout his career, he wrote a variety of compositions, including operas, orchestral works, and chamber music. His most famous work is the opera "Schwanda the Bagpiper," which premiered in 1927 and quickly became popular worldwide.

Weinberger's music is often characterized by its incorporation of Czech folk melodies and rhythms. His works are known for being animated, vibrant, and lively, with a strong focus on melody and rhythm. His music has been performed in concert halls around the world, and he is still considered one of the most important Czech composers of the 20th century.

In addition to his work as a composer, Weinberger was also a respected conductor. He led several orchestras throughout his career, including the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. He died in St. Petersburg in 1967 at the age of 71.

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Karel Svoboda

Karel Svoboda (December 19, 1938 Prague-January 28, 2007 Jevany) was a Czech film score composer and composer. He had four children, Klára Svobodová, Jakub Svoboda, Petr Svoboda and Jana Svobodová.

Related albums: Nechte zvony znít, Hudba z televizních seriálů: Filmmusik zweier fernsehreihen: Návštěvníci / Létající Čestmír, Hudba z televizních seriálů: Filmmusik zweier fernsehreihen: Návštěvníci ∕ Létající Čestmír / Což takhle dát si špenát, Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel, and .

Karel Svoboda was known for his contributions to Czech pop music, and many of his songs became popular hits in the country. He composed music for more than 300 television shows and movies throughout his career. In addition to his work as a composer, Svoboda also produced records for other artists and helped launch the careers of several Czech singers. He was the recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to music, including the Gold Medal for Merit in the Arts from the Czech government. After his death in 2007, several tribute concerts were held in his honor throughout the Czech Republic.

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Iveta Bartosova

Iveta Bartosova (April 8, 1966 Čeladná-April 29, 2014 Prague 22) otherwise known as Iveta Bartošová or Bartošová, Iveta was a Czech singer.

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She began her musical career in the 1980s as a member of the group Hana & Petr Ulrychovi. Bartosova rose to fame as a solo artist in the 1990s with hits such as "Vondráš má lásko", "Bílý kámen", and "Dokud budu tě mít". She was known for her powerful voice and emotional performances. Bartosova also acted in several Czech films and television shows. In her personal life, she faced struggles with addiction and mental health issues. Bartosova died in 2014 at the age of 48. Despite her personal struggles, she remains one of the most beloved and iconic Czech female singers of all time.

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