Czechoslovakian movie stars died in 1991

Here are 1 famous actresses from Czechoslovakia died in 1991:

Jana Dítětová

Jana Dítětová (October 7, 1926 Pilsen-November 9, 1991 Prague) also known as Jana Ditetova or Jana Dítetová was a Czechoslovakian actor. Her child is called Jakub Vinklář.

Jana Dítětová was a highly acclaimed actor in Czechoslovakian theater, film, and television. She appeared in numerous Czech-language films throughout her career, including "The Cremator," "The Ear," and "The Terrace." In addition to her work in film, she was a frequent performer on stage and received critical acclaim for her roles in productions of classic Czech plays such as "The Good Soldier Švejk" and "The Bartered Bride."

Dítětová was also a respected television presenter and helped establish the Czechoslovakian television program "Studio for the Young." She was highly regarded for her work with children and was involved in numerous radio and television programs aimed at educating and entertaining young audiences.

Despite her success, Dítětová faced political persecution during the 1970s for her opposition to the Czechoslovakian government's policies. She was forced out of her position at the National Theatre and was unable to perform in public for several years. She continued to work in television and film during this time, however.

Dítětová passed away on November 9, 1991 in Prague at the age of 65. She left behind a legacy as a talented actor and beloved personality in Czechoslovakian entertainment.

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