Czechoslovakian musicians died at 55

Here are 5 famous musicians from Czechoslovakia died at 55:

Pavel Kouba

Pavel Kouba (September 1, 1938 Kladno-September 13, 1993 Czechoslovakia) was a Czechoslovakian personality.

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Emil František Burian

Emil František Burian (June 11, 1904 Pilsen-August 9, 1959 Prague) also known as E.F. Burian or Emil Frantisek Burian was a Czechoslovakian composer, film score composer, poet, journalist, actor, singer, playwright and musician. He had one child, Jan Burian.

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Jan Drda

Jan Drda (April 4, 1915 Příbram-November 28, 1970 Dobříš) was a Czechoslovakian writer.

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Rudolf Deyl, Jr.

Rudolf Deyl, Jr. (July 6, 1912 Prague-November 21, 1967 Prague) a.k.a. Rudolf Deyl, Rudolf ml. Deyl, Rudolf Deyl ml, Rudolf Deyl Jr., Rudolf Deyl jr or Rudolf Deyl ml. was a Czechoslovakian actor.

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Ferenc Futurista

Ferenc Futurista (December 7, 1891 Mníšek pod Brdy-June 19, 1947 Prague) otherwise known as Frantisek Fiala or F. Futurista was a Czechoslovakian actor, screenwriter and film director. His child is called Anna Ferencová.

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