Danish movie stars born in 1982

Here are 5 famous actors from Denmark were born in 1982:

Johan Philip Asbæk

Johan Philip Asbæk (March 2, 1982 Copenhagen-) also known as Pilou Asbaek, Pilou Asbæk, Johan Philip Pilou Asbæk or Johan Philip "Pilou" Asbæk is a Danish actor. He has one child, Agnes Asbæk.

Asbæk trained at the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance and began his career in Denmark, where he appeared in numerous films and television shows. He gained international recognition for his portrayal of Kasper Juul in the Danish political drama series Borgen, which earned him a Best Supporting Actor award at the Danish TV Awards in 2011.

He has since starred in a variety of films, including Lucy, Ghost in the Shell, Overlord, and Game of Thrones. Asbæk is also known for his work in Scandinavian cinema, having appeared in several critically acclaimed Danish films such as A Hijacking, A War, and The Absent One.

In addition to his acting career, Asbæk is also an ambassador for the Danish Red Cross and has worked to raise awareness for issues such as landmines, child soldiers, and refugees.

Morten Holst

Morten Holst (November 2, 1982-) also known as Morten N. R. Holst is a Danish actor.

He was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Holst trained at the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance, graduating in 2010. He started his acting career both on stage and on screen and has been nominated for and won several awards for his performances. Some of his notable works in film include "The Keeper of Lost Causes" (2013), "A Royal Affair" (2012), and "Terribly Happy" (2008). He has also appeared in television series such as "The Spiral" (2014-2018) and "Warrior" (2018). Alongside his acting career, Holst is also a committed activist and has spoken out on various social and political issues.

Nicolei Faber

Nicolei Faber (March 31, 1982-) is a Danish actor.

He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and started his acting career in 2006 with the Danish television series "The Killing". He has since appeared in a number of Danish films and TV series, including "The Bridge", "Dicte", "Rita" and "Follow the Money". In addition to his work in Denmark, Faber has also acted in international productions such as the American TV series "The Terror" and the Norwegian film "Utøya: July 22". He is known for his versatile and intense acting style and has received critical acclaim for his performances. Outside of acting, Faber is also a trained carpenter and enjoys woodworking in his free time.

Bjarke de Koning

Bjarke de Koning (November 10, 1982 Copenhagen-) is a Danish actor and television editor.

He graduated from the National School of Theatre in Copenhagen in 2009 and began his acting career shortly after. He has appeared in numerous Danish films, TV series, and stage productions since then, including the critically acclaimed TV series "The Killing" and the film "The Hunt" (2012). Besides acting, de Koning also works as a television editor, having worked on various Danish TV shows. Throughout his career, he has won several awards for his exceptional acting skills and contribution to the industry.

Eik Ommedal

Eik Ommedal (October 17, 1982 Thisted Municipality-) is a Danish actor.

Eik Ommedal grew up in Thisted Municipality and began his acting career in his early 20s, after studying drama in Copenhagen. He has since appeared in numerous film, television and theater productions. Some of his notable roles include the lead in the critically acclaimed Danish drama series "Borgen", and supporting roles in Hollywood films such as "The Danish Girl" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them". In addition to his acting career, Ommedal is also a talented musician and has released several albums under the stage name Eik.

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