Danish movie stars died in Renal failure

Here are 1 famous actors from Denmark died in Renal failure:

Poul Bundgaard

Poul Bundgaard (October 27, 1922 Hellerup-June 3, 1998 Gentofte Municipality) a.k.a. Poul Arne Bundgaard, Paul Bundgaard, Bundgaard, Paul, Poul BundgÄrd or Poul Bundgard was a Danish actor and opera singer. He had three children, Steen Bundgaard, Helle Bundgaard and Peter Bundgaard.

Bundgaard began his acting career in 1944 at the Aarhus Theatre, and later worked at several other theaters in Denmark. He also appeared in numerous Danish films, including "Far til fire" and "Matador", a popular Danish television series. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Bundgaard was involved in politics and was a member of the Folketing, the national parliament of Denmark, from 1971 to 1973. Bundgaard is best known for his role as the baker, "Egon", in the hit Danish film series "Olsen Banden". He was awarded the prestigious Danish Knighthood in 1985 for his work in the arts. Bundgaard was married twice, first to actress Bodil Udsen and later to Birgitte Federspiel, who also was a Danish actress.

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