Danish movie stars died at 33

Here are 1 famous actresses from Denmark died at 33:

Karen Jønsson

Karen Jønsson (January 17, 1909 Denmark-December 2, 1942) was a Danish actor.

Karen Jønsson was born in Copenhagen, Denmark as the daughter of a theater director. She made her stage debut at the young age of 14, and soon became a popular actress due to her versatile roles. She later transitioned to film acting, appearing in numerous Danish films, including "Vredens Dag" (Day of Wrath), which is considered one of the greatest Danish films ever made.

In addition to her impressive career as an actress, Jønsson was also an active member of the Danish resistance during World War II, working as a courier and helping to smuggle Jews out of the country to safety. Unfortunately, she was captured by the Gestapo in 1942 and sentenced to death. She was executed at the young age of 33, and has since been remembered as a hero of the Danish resistance and a talented actress.

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