Danish musicians died at 50

Here are 5 famous musicians from Denmark died at 50:

Eyvind Johan-Svendsen

Eyvind Johan-Svendsen (January 5, 1896 Copenhagen-October 10, 1946 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor.

Eyvind Johan-Svendsen was the son of a prominent Danish family, born into a life of privilege and luxury. He started his acting career on the stage, appearing in several productions in Copenhagen before transitioning to film in the late 1920s. Throughout his career, he acted in over 60 Danish films, often playing the lead or a supporting role. He was particularly known for his performances in the silent film era, but also made a successful transition to talking pictures.

Johan-Svendsen was considered one of Denmark's most talented actors of his time, admired for his versatility and ability to play a wide range of characters. He was noted for his grace, elegance, and charm on and off-screen, and was a beloved figure among both his colleagues and fans. His film roles ranged from romantic leads to thrilling action heroes to dramatic and tragic characters, demonstrating his talent and range as an actor.

Johan-Svendsen's life was cut short at the age of 50, but his legacy as a talented actor and performer continues to be celebrated in Denmark and beyond.

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Preben Kaas

Preben Kaas (March 30, 1930 Aalborg-March 27, 1981 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor, screenwriter, film director, comedian and film score composer. His children are Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Jeppe Kaas, Lone Kaas, Kaas Hanne and Pernille Kaas.

His albums: Til Minde Om Preben.

He died as a result of suicide.

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A. W. Sandberg

A. W. Sandberg (May 22, 1887 Viborg-March 27, 1938 Bad Nauheim) also known as Anders Wilhelm Sandberg was a Danish screenwriter and film director. He had one child, Henrik Sandberg.

Sandberg started his career as a screenwriter during the silent era of Danish cinema. Together with his frequent collaborator, Lau Lauritzen Sr., he wrote several successful films such as "Den farlige Alder" (The Dangerous Age) and "M├Ądchen, die man nicht heiratet" (Girls You Don't Marry).

In 1931, Sandberg made his directorial debut with the film "En deltager fra Amerika" (A Contestant from America), which he also co-wrote. The film was a commercial and critical success, and Sandberg continued to direct and write films throughout the 1930s. During this time, he also served as head of production for the Danish film company Nordisk Film.

Sandberg's last film as director was "Mille, Marie og mig" (Mille, Marie, and I) in 1937. He was working on a new film when he suddenly died of a heart attack in 1938 while on vacation in Germany. Despite his relatively short career, Sandberg is remembered as one of the pioneers of Danish cinema and a key figure in the development of the Danish film industry.

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Johan Kjeldahl

Johan Kjeldahl (August 16, 1849 Copenhagen-July 18, 1900 Tisvildeleje) was a Danish chemist.

He is best known for his method of analyzing nitrogen content in organic substances, known as the Kjeldahl method. Kjeldahl's work was significant for its time and his method proved highly effective in determining protein levels in food and other materials. Besides, he made many contributions to the field of chemistry, such as the discovery of the compound methylamine, which is widely used in the production of pesticides and other chemicals. Kjeldahl was recognized for his achievements with the appointment as a professor at the University of Copenhagen and also received a number of prestigious awards during his career.

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Jens Winther

Jens Winther (October 29, 1960 Denmark-February 24, 2011) was a Danish composer and bandleader.

His albums include Pluto and Beyond. Genres he performed include Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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