Danish musicians died at 72

Here are 31 famous musicians from Denmark died at 72:

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen (September 9, 1894 Copenhagen-January 31, 1967 Hillerød) a.k.a. PH was a Danish writer and architect. His children are called Simon P. Henningsen and Sten Hegeler.

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Poul Reichhardt

Poul Reichhardt (February 2, 1913 Copenhagen-October 31, 1985 Denmark) also known as Reichhardt, Poul, Poul David Reichhardt or Poul Reichardt was a Danish actor and singer. His children are called Peter Reichhardt, Frederikke Reichhardt, Caroline Reichhardt and Henriette Reichhardt.

His albums: Gylden Time, Er du dus med himlens fugle and .

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Villy Sørensen

Villy Sørensen (January 13, 1929 Frederiksberg-December 16, 2001 Copenhagen) also known as Villy Sorensen was a Danish writer, philosopher, critic and literary critic.

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Otto Brandenburg

Otto Brandenburg (September 4, 1934 Billund Municipality-March 1, 2007 Copenhagen) also known as Otto Herman Max Brandenburg, Four Jacks, Baggårdspumaen or The Backyard Puma was a Danish singer, actor, musician and film score composer.

His discography includes: 1959 - 1964 (disc 3), Danske favoritter, Greatest Hits, Samlede Udgivelser 1959-1964, To lys på et bord, The Collection, and . His related genres: Film score.

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Valdemar Kendzior

Valdemar Kendzior (January 26, 1926-October 13, 1998) was a Danish personality.

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Sophus Hansen

Sophus Hansen (November 16, 1889 Denmark-February 19, 1962 Copenhagen) was a Danish personality.

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Valdemar Poulsen

Valdemar Poulsen (November 23, 1869 Copenhagen-July 23, 1942 New York City) was a Danish engineer.

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Carl Værnet

Carl Værnet (April 28, 1893 Løjenkær-November 25, 1965 Buenos Aires) was a Danish physician.

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Flemming Flindt

Flemming Flindt (June 30, 1936 Copenhagen-March 3, 2009 Sarasota) was a Danish choreographer.

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Bertel Lauring

Bertel Lauring (January 11, 1928 Frederiksberg-January 28, 2000 Denmark) was a Danish actor. He had one child, Sophie Louise Lauring.

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Eigil Reimers

Eigil Reimers (August 10, 1904 Aarhus-November 11, 1976) was a Danish actor.

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Clara Østø

Clara Østø (January 14, 1911 Aarhus-May 22, 1983 Frederiksberg) was a Danish actor and film director. She had one child, Lene Tiemroth.

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Beatrice Bonnesen

Beatrice Bonnesen (October 21, 1906 Copenhagen-January 19, 1979 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

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Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg

Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg (June 10, 1839 Remseck-March 1, 1912 Ledreborg) was a Danish politician.

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Christen Thomesen Sehested

Christen Thomesen Sehested (August 24, 1664-September 13, 1736) was a Danish personality.

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Atli Dam

Atli Dam (September 12, 1932 Tvøroyri-February 7, 2005 Tórshavn) was a Danish personality.

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Ludwig A. Colding

Ludwig A. Colding (July 13, 1815 Holbæk-March 21, 1888) also known as Ludwig Colding was a Danish physicist, engineer and civil engineer.

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Peter Thonning

Peter Thonning (October 9, 1775 Copenhagen-January 29, 1848) was a Danish personality.

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Erlendur Patursson

Erlendur Patursson (August 20, 1913 Kirkjubøur-June 16, 1986 Kirkjubøur) was a Danish politician.

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Carl Frederik Tietgen

Carl Frederik Tietgen (March 19, 1829 Odense-October 19, 1901 Copenhagen) was a Danish personality.

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Jørgen Hansen Koch

Jørgen Hansen Koch (September 4, 1787 Copenhagen-January 30, 1860 Copenhagen) was a Danish personality.

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Verner Panton

Verner Panton (February 13, 1926 Gentofte Municipality-September 5, 1998 Copenhagen) was a Danish designer.

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Henrik Lund

Henrik Lund (September 29, 1875 Nanortalik-June 6, 1948) also known as Lund, Henrik was a Danish writer.

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Cornelius Jensen

Cornelius Jensen (September 29, 1814 Sylt-December 12, 1886) was a Danish personality.

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Jørgen Kiil

Jørgen Kiil (February 13, 1931 Aarhus-June 1, 2003 Copenhagen) also known as Jorgen Peter Christiansen Kiil or Jørgen Peter Christiansen Kiil was a Danish actor.

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Kay Fisker

Kay Fisker (February 14, 1893 Frederiksberg-June 21, 1965 Copenhagen) was a Danish personality.

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Ingeborg Spangsfeldt

Ingeborg Spangsfeldt (July 25, 1895 Copenhagen-June 21, 1968 Copenhagen) a.k.a. I. Olsen, Ingeborg Olsen, Ingeborg Christiane Margrete Olsen or Christiane Ingeborg Margrete Olsen was a Danish actor.

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Hugo Gyldmark

Hugo Gyldmark (June 28, 1899 Copenhagen-September 7, 1971 Denmark) also known as Gyldmark, Hugo or Hugo Gyldmark Nielsen was a Danish film score composer and writer.

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Marie Krøyer

Marie Krøyer (June 11, 1867 Frederiksberg-May 25, 1940 Stockholm) also known as Maria Martha Mathilde Triepcke was a Danish painter. She had two children, Vibeke Krøyer and Margita Alfvén.

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Frederick IX of Denmark

Frederick IX of Denmark (March 11, 1899 Sorgenfri Palace-January 14, 1972 Amalienborg) also known as Christian Frederik Franz Michael Carl Valdemar Georg or Frederick IX was a Danish personality. He had three children, Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Margrethe II of Denmark.

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Peer Hultberg

Peer Hultberg (November 8, 1935 Vangede-December 20, 2007) was a Danish novelist, psychoanalyst and author.

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