Danish musicians died before 40

Here are 24 famous musicians from Denmark died before 40:

Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen

Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen (January 15, 1872 Viborg-November 25, 1907 Greenland) was a Danish writer.

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Grethe Rask

Grethe Rask (April 5, 2015 Thisted-December 12, 1977 Copenhagen) also known as Dr. Grethe Rask was a Danish physician and surgeon.

She died caused by hiv/aids.

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Ole Lund Kirkegaard

Ole Lund Kirkegaard (July 29, 1940 Aarhus-March 24, 1979 Herlev Municipality) was a Danish writer. He had two children, Maya Kirkegaard and Nana Kirkegaard.

He died caused by hypothermia.

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Stellan Rye

Stellan Rye (July 4, 1880 Randers-November 14, 1914 France) was a Danish film director and screenwriter.

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Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen

Jørgen-Frantz Jacobsen (November 29, 1900 Tórshavn-March 24, 1938 Denmark) was a Danish writer.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Jens Schielderup Sneedorff

Jens Schielderup Sneedorff (August 22, 1724-June 5, 1764) was a Danish writer.

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Tyge W. Böcher

Tyge W. Böcher (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1983) was a Danish scientist and botanist.

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Ludvig Drescher

Ludvig Drescher (July 21, 1881-July 14, 1917) also known as Ludwig Drescher was a Danish personality.

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Christian Andersen

Christian Andersen (September 28, 1944 Copenhagen-April 5, 1982) was a Danish personality.

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Johann Friedrich Struensee

Johann Friedrich Struensee (August 5, 1737 Halle-April 28, 1772 Copenhagen) a.k.a. Count Johann Friedrich Struensee was a Danish politician and physician. His child is called Princess Louise Auguste of Denmark.

He died caused by decapitation.

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Valdemar Psilander

Valdemar Psilander (May 9, 1884 Copenhagen-March 6, 1917 Copenhagen) was a Danish actor.

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Otto Matieson

Otto Matieson (March 27, 1893 Copenhagen-February 19, 1932 Safford) otherwise known as Otto Mattiesen or Otto Matiesen was a Danish actor.

He died in traffic collision.

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Karen Jønsson

Karen Jønsson (January 17, 1909 Denmark-December 2, 1942) was a Danish actor.

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Gerda Neumann

Gerda Neumann (December 14, 1915 Copenhagen-January 26, 1947 Copenhagen Airport) was a Danish actor and singer.

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Jens Peter Jacobsen

Jens Peter Jacobsen (April 7, 1847 Thisted-April 30, 1885 Thisted) also known as J. P. Jacobsen was a Danish novelist, botanist, poet, scientist and writer.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Preben Uglebjerg

Preben Uglebjerg (January 16, 1931 Glostrup Municipality-May 31, 1968 Denmark) was a Danish actor.

His discography includes: Gyngerne og karrusellen.

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Poul Hansen

Poul Hansen (February 27, 1913-October 29, 1948) was a Danish personality.

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Allan Simonsen

Allan Simonsen (July 5, 1978 Denmark-June 22, 2013 Le Mans) was a Danish race car driver. He had one child, Mie-Mai Simonsen.

He died in traffic collision.

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Dankvart Dreyer

Dankvart Dreyer (June 13, 1816 Assens-November 4, 1852) was a Danish personality.

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Marcus Lauesen

Marcus Lauesen (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1975) was a Danish writer.

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Olaf Storm

Olaf Storm (January 10, 1894 Frederiksberg-March 1, 1931) was a Danish actor.

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Little T

Little T (October 31, 1974 Copenhagen-June 24, 2007 Spanish Town) also known as Natasja, Natasja Saad, Dou T' or Li'l T was a Danish singer, actor and rapper.

Discography: Release, I Danmark er jeg født, Op med ho'det, Shooting Star, Better Than Dem, Mon de reggae, Dig og mig, Calabria 2007, and . Genres she performed: Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Reggae fusion and Hip hop music.

She died caused by traffic collision.

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Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark

Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark (September 11, 1656 Copenhagen-July 26, 1693 Karlberg Palace) was a Danish personality. She had three children, Ulrika Eleonora, Queen of Sweden, Charles XII of Sweden and Hedvig Sophia of Sweden.

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Ole Sarvig

Ole Sarvig (April 5, 2015 Copenhagen-December 4, 1981 Copenhagen) was a Danish author, poet and writer.

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