Dutch musicians who were born in 1964

Here are 6 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1964:

Linda de Mol

Linda de Mol (July 8, 1964 Hilversum-) also known as Margaretha de Mol, Mol, de, Linda or Linda Margaretha de Mol is a Dutch presenter, actor and writer. Her children are called Julian Vahle and Noah Vahle.

Her albums include Linda.

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Pia Douwes

Pia Douwes (August 5, 1964 Amsterdam-) also known as Douwes, Pia is a Dutch singer.

Her discography includes: The Count of Monte Cristo: Highlights from the Musical and .

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C.C.Catch (July 31, 1964 Oss-) also known as C.C. Catch, CCCatch, CC Catch, Caroline Muller, Caroline Müller or Caroline Catharina Müller is a Dutch singer, singer-songwriter, record producer and songwriter.

Her albums include Diamonds: Her Greatest Hits, Super 20, Back Seat of Your Cadillac, Super Disco Hits, Best of '98, BEST '99 I Can Lose My Heart, In the Mix, Shake your Head 2003, Silence and The Very Best Of. Genres she performed include Pop music, Disco, Italo disco, Euro disco and Synthpop.

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Amina Figarova

Amina Figarova (December 2, 1964 Baku-) otherwise known as Figarova, Amina is a Dutch musician, record producer, composer and pianist.

Her albums: Come Escape With Me, September Suite, Night Train, Another Me, Above the Clouds and Firewind. Genres related to her: Funk, Jazz, Musical theatre, Rhythm and blues and Jazz fusion.

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Bart van den Bossche

Bart van den Bossche (April 17, 1964 Ostend-January 6, 2013 Lint, Belgium) also known as Bossche, van den, Bart was a Dutch singer.

His discography includes: Bijna Alles.

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Richard Rijnvos

Richard Rijnvos (December 16, 1964 Tilburg-) is a Dutch , .

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