Dutch musicians who were born in 1986

Here are 10 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1986:

Jamai Loman

Jamai Loman (June 30, 1986 Gouda-) also known as Jamai Johannes Loman or Jamai is a Dutch singer, presenter and actor.

Related albums: Jamai.

Aside from being a multi-talented artist, Jamai rose to fame in 2003 as the winner of the first season of the Dutch version of the TV singing competition, Idols. After his victory, he released his debut single, "Step Right Up," which peaked at number one on the Dutch Top 40 chart. Jamai continued to release successful albums and singles, including his self-titled album Jamai which reached number 1 on the Dutch Albums Chart.

In addition to his music career, Jamai has also worked as a presenter and host for various television programs in the Netherlands, including the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. He has also had acting roles in Dutch films and TV shows such as "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" and "De Kleine Blonde Dood."

Outside of entertainment, Jamai is an advocate for LGBT rights and married his partner in 2018, making history as the first same-sex couple to ever marry in the city of Amsterdam.

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Stevie Ann

Stevie Ann (June 24, 1986 Netherlands-) a.k.a. St├ęphanie Struijk or Ann, Stevie is a Dutch singer.

Her albums: Closer to the Heart, Away From Here, One Year of Love, Part II, Changes (Klimaatwet EP), Light Up and California Sounds.

Stevie Ann was born in the Netherlands in 1986 and discovered her love for music at a young age. She quickly began writing her own songs and performing them for friends and family. As a teenager, she won a national songwriting contest, which led to the recording of her debut album "Away From Here" in 2005. This album introduced Stevie Ann to the Dutch music scene, and she quickly became known for her unique voice and honest songwriting.

Over the next few years, Stevie Ann released several albums, including "Closer to the Heart" and "One Year of Love". Her music drew inspiration from folk, country, and pop genres, and she quickly gained a loyal following both in the Netherlands and internationally.

In 2019, Stevie Ann released her most recent album, "California Sounds". This album showcased a new direction for her music, with a more polished sound and a focus on exploring new musical styles.

In addition to her music career, Stevie Ann is also an advocate for climate change awareness. In 2019, she released the Klimaatwet EP, which features songs inspired by the Dutch Climate Law. Through her music and activism, Stevie Ann continues to inspire and influence audiences around the world.

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Rania Zeriri

Rania Zeriri (January 6, 1986 Enschede-) is a Dutch singer.

Her albums include Crying Undercover. Genres related to her: Pop music.

Rania Zeriri was born and raised in Enschede, a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. She developed a passion for music at a young age and began singing in her school choir. After finishing high school, she decided to pursue a career in music and started performing at local venues.

In 2008, Rania released her debut album, "Crying Undercover," which featured a mix of pop, R&B, and soul music. The album received positive reviews and helped establish her as a rising star in the Dutch music scene.

Since then, Rania has continued to release music and perform both in the Netherlands and internationally. Her music often deals with themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery, and she is known for her powerful and emotive voice.

In addition to her music career, Rania is also involved in various charitable initiatives and works to raise awareness about social issues such as poverty and mental health.

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Brace (August 23, 1986-) a.k.a. Eddy Brace Rashid MacDonald or Rachid MacDonald is a Dutch , .

His albums: Strijder and Dilemma. Genres he performed: Hip hop music and Rhythm and blues.

Brace was born on August 23, 1986, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as Eddy Brace Rashid MacDonald. He is a Dutch rapper and singer who gained popularity in the mid-2000s. Brace started his musical career by collaborating with other Dutch rappers, such as Ali B and Brace's cousin, Yes-R. In 2006, he released his debut album, Strijder, which received a lot of positive reviews and helped establish Brace as a rising star in the Dutch hip hop and R&B scene.

Two years later, Brace released his second album, Dilemma, which was also well received by critics and fans alike. The album featured collaborations with various Dutch artists, such as Lange Frans and Baas B, and helped further cement Brace's place in the Dutch music industry. In addition to his solo work, Brace has also collaborated with several Dutch acts, including Gio, Ali B, and Yes-R.

Throughout his career, Brace has been known for his unique blend of hip hop and R&B, which has earned him legions of fans in the Netherlands and beyond. Despite taking a break from music in recent years, he remains a beloved figure in Dutch music and is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Dutch hip hop and R&B scene.

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Josje Huisman

Josje Huisman (February 16, 1986 Heusden-) also known as K3, Josina Huisman or Josina "Josje" Huisman is a Dutch presenter, actor, singer and dancer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

She rose to fame after participating in the Dutch television talent show So You Wanna Be a Popstar in 2009, where she finished in third place. Subsequently, Josje Huisman was approached to replace one of the members of the popular Belgian-Dutch girl group K3. After joining the group, she went on to release several albums and singles with K3, including 10,000 Luchtballonnen and Ushuaia.

Apart from her work with K3, Josje Huisman has also appeared in a few Dutch films and TV shows. She has hosted several television series and judged several talent shows. In addition, she pursued a solo music career releasing her first solo album called "Dit Ben Ik" in 2019.

Outside of her entertainment career, Josje Huisman supports several charity initiatives such as the Sophie Children's Hospital and Pink Ribbon, a breast cancer awareness organization.

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R3hab (April 2, 1986-) also known as Fadil El Ghoul is a Dutch record producer, disc jockey and remixer.

His albums: Prutataaa, The Bottle Song (The Remixes), Sending My Love, The Bottle Song, Prutataaa (the remixes), Do It (Life in Color 2013 Anthem), Revolution, Revolution (Remixes), Unstoppable and Blue Magic. Genres he performed include Progressive house, House music, Electro house and Trap music.

R3hab was born in Breda, Netherlands to Moroccan immigrant parents. He started his music career in 2008 while studying at a music production school in the Netherlands. In 2012, he was signed to Afrojack's label Wall Recordings and has since released many popular tracks and remixes. He has collaborated with many famous musicians including Zara Larsson, A Touch of Class and Mike Williams. R3hab has performed at major music festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Music Festival. He has also received many accolades for his music career including being voted the 23rd best DJ in the world by DJ Mag in 2018. R3hab is known for his high energy performances and his unique and innovative music style.

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Dashni Murad

Dashni Murad (January 1, 1986 Sulaymaniyah-) is a Dutch presenter, singer and dancer.

Genres: Dance music, Pop music and Arabic music.

Originally from Iraqi Kurdistan, Dashni Murad was forced to flee her homeland as a child due to the Kurdish genocide. She and her family sought refuge in the Netherlands, where she began her career in entertainment. In addition to her talents in singing and dancing, she is also a television presenter and well-known advocate for human rights. Murad has used her platform to bring attention to issues facing refugees and has been recognized for her efforts with several awards, including the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. She continues to produce music and collaborate with other artists while using her voice to raise awareness for causes she is passionate about.

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Yes-R (November 2, 1986 Amsterdam-) also known as Yesser Roshdy or Yesser Roshdi is a Dutch singer, songwriter and rapper.

Related albums: , , , Rampeneren and Fashion. Genres related to him: Rap music.

Yes-R was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Moroccan parents. He started his career in music as a part of the Dutch rap group D-Men, which he founded with his brother, singer and rapper Ali B.

In 2005, Yes-R released his debut solo album called Mijn Pad (My Path). He became known for his catchy and meaningful Dutch rap songs, focusing on themes like love, ambition, and street life. Throughout the years he has released several albums, Rampeneren and Fashion being among them.

Apart from writing and performing music, Yes-R has also tried his hand at acting. He appeared in a few Dutch movies and TV shows, such as Gangsterboys and Shouf Shouf Habibi!.

In addition, he has been a known television personality as well. He appeared as a judge on the Dutch talent show So You Think You Can Dance and hosted various programs like De Grote Donorshow and Get the Picture.

Yes-R's music has gained him many accolades, including two TMF Awards, a Mobo Award, and a 3FM Award. His success made him one of the most prominent Dutch rappers and a representative of Dutch-Moroccan culture.

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Kempi (June 18, 1986 Helmond-) also known as Jerrely Slijger is a Dutch rapper and actor.

Related albums: and . His related genres: Gangsta rap and Dutch hip hop.

Kempi was born to a Surinamese mother and an Antillean father in Helmond, Netherlands. He started rapping during his teenage years and gained popularity in the Dutch hip hop scene after releasing his debut album "Du Zoon" in 2007. He has since released several albums and mixtapes, including "Oompie Keke", "Kempi Mixtape 3.1" and "Kempi Mixtape 4".

In addition to his music career, Kempi has also appeared in several Dutch films and television shows, including "Van God Los", "Moordvrouw" and "Rabat". He has received critical acclaim for his acting performances, with some critics praising him as a natural talent.

Kempi has faced controversy throughout his career, including legal troubles and criticism for lyrics containing violent and misogynistic themes. In 2012, he was sentenced to two years in prison for several assault charges, but was released after 10 months.

Despite the controversies, Kempi remains a popular figure in the Dutch hip hop scene and continues to release music and perform live. He has also spoken openly about his struggles with addiction and mental health, using his platform to raise awareness and advocate for mental health care.

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Eefje de Visser

Eefje de Visser (February 8, 1986 Voorburg-) is a Dutch singer-songwriter, film score composer and composer.

Her albums include De koek and .

Nachtlicht, and her music has been described as a blend of pop, indie, and electronic music. Eefje de Visser graduated from the University of Utrecht with a degree in Music & Technology. She has released several successful albums and singles, and has been nominated for multiple awards, including the Dutch equivalent of the Grammy Awards. In addition to her music career, Eefje de Visser has also composed music for films and television shows, and has worked as a music teacher. She is known for her introspective lyrics, unique vocal style, and experimental approach to music production.

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