Dutch music stars who deceased at age 40

Here are 8 famous musicians from Netherlands died at 40:

Edgar du Perron

Edgar du Perron (November 2, 1899 Jakarta-May 14, 1940 Bergen) was a Dutch writer, journalist, author and poet.

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Marie Baron

Marie Baron (February 5, 1908 Rotterdam-July 23, 1948 Rotterdam) also known as Mietje Baron was a Dutch swimmer.

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Inge Heybroek

Inge Heybroek (October 12, 1915-February 9, 1956) was a Dutch personality.

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Dirk Hartog

Dirk Hartog (October 30, 1580 Amsterdam-October 11, 1621) was a Dutch personality.

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August Kop

August Kop (May 5, 1904-April 30, 1945) also known as August Johannes Kop was a Dutch personality.

He died as a result of murder.

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Wilhelmina Cooper

Wilhelmina Cooper (May 1, 1939 Culemborg-March 1, 1980 Greenwich) was a Dutch model.

She died in lung cancer.

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Hendrik Marsman

Hendrik Marsman (September 30, 1899 Zeist-June 21, 1940) was a Dutch writer.

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Pier Gerlofs Donia

Pier Gerlofs Donia (April 5, 1480 Kimswerd-October 18, 1520 Sneek) was a Dutch pirate.

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