Dutch music stars who deceased at age 50

Here are 2 famous musicians from Netherlands died at 50:

Jan Standonck

Jan Standonck (August 16, 1453 Mechelen-February 5, 1504 Paris) also known as Jean Standonk was a Dutch philosopher, priest and theologian.

He studied at the University of Louvain and later became a professor of theology there. Standonck's works dealt with topics such as the nature of God, the human soul and free will. He argued against the views of some of his more radical contemporaries, who believed that human beings had no free will and that all actions were predetermined by God. Standonck also wrote treatises on the virtues and vices, the moral life, and the role of reason in religious belief. He was a popular preacher and spiritual advisor, and is remembered as an important figure in the development of Christian humanism in the early modern period. In addition to his philosophical and theological works, Standonck was also a skilled linguist and translator, and produced a number of translations from Greek and Latin into French and Dutch.

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Cornelis Vreeswijk

Cornelis Vreeswijk (August 8, 1937 IJmuiden-November 12, 1987 Södermalm) also known as Cornelius Vreswijk, Cornelius Vreeswijk, Cornelis Vreswijk, Cornelis Freeswijk or Cornelis Wreeswijk was a Dutch musician, songwriter, singer, poet, actor and author. His child is Jack Vreeswijk.

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He died as a result of liver cancer.

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