Ecuadorean musicians died when they were 46

Here are 1 famous musicians from Ecuador died at 46:

Nicasio Safadi

Nicasio Safadi (April 5, 2015 Lebanon-October 29, 1968) was an Ecuadorean personality.

Nicasio Safadi was born in Lebanon but moved to Ecuador at a young age. He is best known for his work as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Safadi was the founder of several successful businesses, including a department store and a candy factory. He was also a passionate advocate for social justice and education, and worked to improve the lives of underprivileged people throughout Ecuador. In addition to his numerous accomplishments as a business leader, Safadi was also an avid art collector and patron of the arts. He founded the Nicasio Safadi Foundation, which supports artists and cultural projects across Ecuador. Safadi died in 1968, but his legacy lives on through the continued work of the foundation and the lasting impact of his philanthropic efforts.

Safadi's philanthropic efforts were not limited to just Ecuador. He was also a staunch supporter of Lebanese immigrants in Ecuador, providing them with aid and assistance to help them integrate into society. Moreover, he was an active member of the Ecuadorean Jewish community and served as president of the Jewish Community in Quito.

Beyond his entrepreneurship and philanthropic work, Safadi was also heavily involved in politics. He was elected to the Ecuadorean National Congress in 1947 and served for four years. He was a member of the center-right Social Christian Party and advocated for progressive policies to uplift the poor and underprivileged in Ecuador.

Safadi's legacy continues to be celebrated in Ecuador and beyond. Several institutions have been named in his honor, including the Nicasio Safadi International Airport in the city of Tulcán. His dedication to improving society through entrepreneurship, social justice, philanthropy, and politics has made him an enduring figure in the history of Ecuador.

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