Egyptian music stars who deceased at age 47

Here are 2 famous musicians from Egypt died at 47:

Gamal Salem

Gamal Salem (April 5, 2015 Egypt-April 5, 1968) was an Egyptian personality.

He was a renowned writer, journalist, and broadcaster who made significant contributions to the cultural and literary scene in Egypt during the mid-20th century. Salem was born in the city of Tanta, Egypt and began his career in journalism as a reporter for Al Akhbar newspaper. He later became the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine, Al-Adaab, where he published many of his most famous writings.

Salem's work often explored themes of social justice, political activism, and the complexities of Egyptian identity. He was an outspoken critic of colonialism and imperialism, and was known for his support of Egypt's independence movement. In addition to his writing, Salem was also a prominent radio broadcaster and hosted a weekly show on Radio Cairo.

Despite facing censorship and persecution from the Egyptian government, Salem remained committed to advocating for freedom of expression and human rights. He passed away on his 53rd birthday, leaving behind a legacy as one of Egypt's most influential cultural figures.

Salem was also known for his close friendship with Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, whom he met during his time as a journalist. Salem was instrumental in helping Nasser spread his message and gain public support for his policies, particularly during the Suez Crisis. However, their friendship was strained in later years when Salem became critical of some of Nasser's actions, particularly his crackdown on political dissent.

Throughout his career, Salem published numerous books and articles in both Arabic and English. Some of his most well-known works include "The Lamp of Umm Hashim," "The Dove's Necklace," and "The Sprinkler." He was also an advocate for cultural exchange and participated in many international gatherings and conferences.

Salem's legacy as a writer and cultural figure in Egypt has been widely recognized. In 2008, the Egyptian Minister of Culture established the Gamal Salem Award for Cultural Creativity in honor of his contributions to the arts. His writing continues to be studied and celebrated by scholars and readers around the world.

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Abdel Halim Hafez

Abdel Halim Hafez (June 21, 1929 Al Sharqia Governorate-March 30, 1977 King's College Hospital) also known as Abdel Halim Ali Ismail Shabana, Abdelhaleem Hafez, Abdel Halim Ali Shabana, Al Andaleeb, Halim, King of emotions and feelings, The Great Dark-Skinned Nightingale or el-Andaleeb el-Asmar was an Egyptian singer and actor.

His discography includes: Mawood, Nebtedi Menien El Hikaya (Live), Mawood, Kariat Al Fengan, Fatet Ganbena, RESALA, Alkhataya, Maweed Gharam, Maaboudet Al-Jamaheer and Habibati Man Takoon & Habibaha. Genres related to him: Arabic music and Opera.

He died in renal failure.

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