English movie stars died at 49

Here are 7 famous actors from England died at 49:

Roy Redgrave

Roy Redgrave (April 26, 1873 Kennington-May 25, 1922 Sydney) also known as George Ellsworthy Redgrave, George Ellsworthy "Roy" Redgrave, Roy Elsworthy Redgrave, Roy Redgrave or George Edward Redgrave was an English actor. He had five children, Michael Redgrave, Robin Roy Redgrave, Nellie Maud Redgrave, John Kyrle Redgrave and Victor Redgrave Parrett.

Roy Redgrave was born in Kennington, London, England to a family of actors. He made his professional stage debut at the age of 18, and quickly established himself as a popular actor in the London theatre scene. Throughout his career, he appeared in a wide variety of plays and genres, from Shakespearean classics to popular melodramas.

In addition to his stage work, Redgrave also appeared in some early silent films. He immigrated to Australia in 1912, where he continued to act in films and on stage. He died in Sydney, Australia in 1922, at the age of 49.

Redgrave's legacy lives on through his talented family of actors. His son Michael Redgrave became a celebrated star of both stage and screen, appearing in classic films such as "The Lady Vanishes" and "The Importance of Being Earnest." Michael's own children, Vanessa Redgrave and Corin Redgrave, also became respected actors, continuing the family's illustrious acting dynasty.

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Julian Orchard

Julian Orchard (March 3, 1930 Wheatley-June 21, 1979 Westminster) a.k.a. Julian Dean C. Orchard or The Cast was an English actor.

Orchard was a versatile actor who appeared in a variety of television, film, and stage productions throughout his career. He was known for his comedic timing and talent, making him a popular figure in British entertainment.

Orchard began his acting career in the 1950s, and quickly made a name for himself as a talented performer. He appeared on popular television programs such as The Benny Hill Show, The Avengers, and Are You Being Served?. He also appeared on the big screen in films like Bedazzled, Doctor in Trouble, and The Magic Christian.

In addition to his work in entertainment, Orchard was also known for his work as an impressionist. He was well known for his impressions of various celebrities and historical figures, and was a regular guest on variety shows where he would showcase his talent for mimicry.

Sadly, Orchard's life and career were cut short when he passed away in 1979 at the age of 49 due to a heart attack. Nonetheless, he left behind a legacy, and his contributions to British entertainment continue to be celebrated by fans and fellow entertainers alike.

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Al Hunter Ashton

Al Hunter Ashton (June 26, 1957 Birmingham-April 27, 2007 High Wycombe) otherwise known as Al Ashton, Al Hunter, Alan Hunter, Alan Hunter-Ashton, Al Hunter-Ashton or Alun Nipper was an English actor and screenwriter. He had three children, Michael Hunter, Jay Hunter and Dale Hunter.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

Al Ashton was best known for his work in the British soap opera "EastEnders," where he played the role of Nick Cotton's accomplice, Ali Osman. He appeared on the show for five years from 1985 to 1990 and then reprised his role in 1998. Ashton also had notable roles in other TV series such as "The Bill" and "Coronation Street." In addition to his acting career, Ashton was also a screenwriter, having penned episodes of "The Bill" and the TV movie "Dead Man's Card." He was known for being a talented and versatile performer, having worked in both dramatic and comedic roles throughout his career.

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Nikki Sudden

Nikki Sudden (July 19, 1956 London-March 26, 2006 New York City) also known as Adrian Nicholas Godfrey or Sudden, Nikki was an English singer, musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

Sudden was best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the post-punk band, Swell Maps, which he formed in 1972 with his brother Epic Soundtracks. After the band disbanded in 1980, he pursued a solo career and released over 20 albums over the course of his career.

He was also known for collaborating with other musicians such as Rowland S. Howard, Dave Kusworth and Jeremy Gluck. He acted in several independent films and even directed his own film, "Waiting on Egypt" in 1984.

Sudden's music was praised for his unique blend of rock, punk, and folk influences. He was a prolific songwriter and talented musician who gained a cult following in his time.

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Teddy Arundell

Teddy Arundell (April 5, 1873 Devon-November 5, 1922 London) also known as Edward Arundell was an English actor.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

Teddy Arundell began acting in the late 1890s and soon became known for his comic roles. He performed in a variety of productions, including Shakespearean plays and popular musical comedies. In addition to his acting career, Arundell was also a proficient musician and composer. He wrote the music for several productions in which he appeared. Arundell's talent as an actor was recognized in his time and he was highly regarded by his peers. His death at the age of 49 was a great loss to the theater community.

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Lenny McLean

Lenny McLean (April 9, 1949 Hoxton-July 28, 1998 London Borough of Bexley) also known as "The Guv'nor", Leonard John McLean or Leonard John "Lenny" McLean was an English author, actor, bouncer, presenter, bodyguard, businessperson and weightlifter. He had two children, Jamie McLean and Kelly McLean.

He died caused by lung cancer.

McLean was known for his tough persona and formidable fighting skills, having become the undisputed champion of the unlicensed boxing scene in the UK during the 1970s. His memoir, "The Guv'nor", went on to become an international bestseller and was adapted into a film in 2016. McLean also appeared in several films himself, including "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "The Fifth Element". In addition to his work in entertainment, he also ran a successful security business and was known for providing protection to high-profile clients such as Princess Diana and Tom Cruise. Despite his tough exterior, McLean was known for his generosity and genuine concern for the well-being of those around him.

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Leslie Faber

Leslie Faber (August 30, 1879 Newcastle upon Tyne-August 5, 1929 London) was an English actor.

He began his acting career on stage when he was just a teenager and later moved on to work in silent films. He appeared in several British films including "Squibs" and "The Mystery of a Hansom Cab". He also acted in several American movies such as "The Four Feathers" and "The Man Who Laughs".

Apart from acting, Faber was also a gifted musician and played the violin professionally. He served in World War I and was wounded in action, which left him with a permanent leg injury. He continued to act in films despite his injury, but sadly, his life was cut short when he died at the age of 49 due to complications from pneumonia.

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