English movie stars died before 35

Here are 8 famous actors from England died before 35:

Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein (September 19, 1934 Liverpool-August 27, 1967 London) a.k.a. Brian Samuel Epstein, Epstein, Brian or Eppie was an English talent manager, businessperson, actor and impresario.

He died as a result of drug overdose.

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Andy Gibb

Andy Gibb (March 5, 1958 Manchester-March 10, 1988 Oxford) also known as andy_gibb, Andrew Roy Gibb, Andrew Roy "Andy" Gibb or The Bee Gees was an English singer, guitarist and actor. He had one child, Peta Gibb.

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Gary Holton

Gary Holton (September 22, 1952 East End of London-October 25, 1985 Wembley) also known as Garry Frederick Holton was an English singer, singer-songwriter, actor and musician. He had one child, Red Holton.

He died in drug overdose.

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Mark Frankel

Mark Frankel (June 13, 1962 Surrey-September 24, 1996 Chiswick) also known as Mark D.Frankel was an English actor. His children are called Fabien Frankel and Max Frankel.

He died caused by injuries suffered following motorbike accident.

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Darien Angadi

Darien Angadi (March 19, 1949 Stoke Newington-January 12, 1984) was an English singer and actor.

He died in suicide.

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John Rudling

John Rudling (April 5, 2015 England-April 5, 1983) was an English actor.

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Thomas Henty

Thomas Henty (January 19, 1956-August 13, 1988 Charing Cross Hospital) also known as Thomas John Cooper was an English actor. He had one child, Tam Henty.

He died caused by hematemesis.

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Mark Finch

Mark Finch (October 21, 1961 Manchester-January 14, 1995 San Francisco) was an English actor.

He died as a result of suicide.

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