Finnish musicians died because of Cancer

Here are 1 famous musicians from Finland died in Cancer:

Tauno Palo

Tauno Palo (October 25, 1908 Hämeenlinna-May 24, 1982 Helsinki) a.k.a. Tauno Paloniemi, Tauno Valdemar Palo, Tauno Brännäs, Tauno Valdemar Brännäs or Brännäs, Paloniemi was a Finnish actor and singer. He had four children, Pertti Palo, Jukka-Pekka Palo, Martti Palo and Esko Salminen.

His albums include Tunteiden Palo (disc 1: 1967-1975), Unohtumattomat, , , , and .

Tauno Palo began his career in the 1930s appearing in both Finnish and Swedish films, establishing himself as a romantic lead in the Finnish film industry. He appeared in over 150 films over the course of his career, and also enjoyed success as a singer. Palo was particularly known for his work in the genre of tango music, and his songs remain classics in Finland. He was awarded the title of Kultainen Leijona (Golden Lion) in 1949 for his contributions to Finnish cinema. Despite suffering a stroke in 1969 which limited his mobility and speech, Palo continued to act and sing until his death in 1982.

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