English movie stars died in 1967

Here are 11 famous actors from England died in 1967:

Claude Rains

Claude Rains (November 10, 1889 Camberwell-May 30, 1967 Laconia) a.k.a. William Claude Rains or 'Willy Wains' was an English actor. He had one child, Jessica Rains.

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Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein (September 19, 1934 Liverpool-August 27, 1967 London) a.k.a. Brian Samuel Epstein, Epstein, Brian or Eppie was an English talent manager, businessperson, actor and impresario.

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Tom Conway

Tom Conway (September 15, 1904 Saint Petersburg-April 22, 1967 Culver City) otherwise known as Thomas Sanders or Thomas Charles Sanders was an English actor and voice actor.

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Reginald Denny

Reginald Denny (November 20, 1891 Richmond-June 16, 1967 Richmond) also known as Reginald Leigh Dugmore or Leigh Denny was an English pilot, actor, businessperson and screenwriter. He had one child, Barbara Denny.

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Warwick Ward

Warwick Ward (December 3, 1891 St Ives-December 9, 1967 London) also known as Warwick Manson Ward was an English actor, film producer and screenwriter.

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Gordon Harker

Gordon Harker (August 7, 1885 London-March 2, 1967 London) was an English actor.

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Ern Westmore

Ern Westmore (October 29, 1904 Kent-February 1, 1967 New York City) also known as Ernest Henry Westmore or Ernest Westmore was an English actor and makeup artist.

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Stafford Dickens

Stafford Dickens (April 7, 1888 Bray-October 12, 1967 New York City) also known as Charles Stafford Dickens, C. Stafford Dickens or Charles Stafford-Dickens was an English film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Harold Huth

Harold Huth (January 20, 1892 Huddersfield-October 26, 1967 London) was an English film director, actor, film producer, television producer and television director. His child is called Angela Huth.

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William P. Carleton

William P. Carleton (October 3, 1872 London-April 6, 1967 Hollywood) also known as W.P. Carleton, William Carleton, Wm. P. Carleton or William P. Carlton was an English actor.

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Lionel Gamlin

Lionel Gamlin (April 30, 1903 England-October 16, 1967 London) also known as Lionel Gamilin or Lionel James Gamlin was an English commentator, actor and announcer.

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