English movie stars died in 1968

Here are 8 famous actors from England died in 1968:

Tony Hancock

Tony Hancock (May 12, 1924 Hall Green-June 24, 1968 Sydney) also known as Anthony John Hancock, Anthony Hancock, The Lad Himself or Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock was an English comedian and actor.

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Donald Wolfit

Donald Wolfit (April 20, 1902 Balderton-February 17, 1968 Hammersmith) also known as Sir Donald Wolfit, Donald Woolfitt, Sir Donald Wolfit KBE or Sir Donald Wolfit, CBE was an English actor. His child is called Margaret Wolfit.

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Basil Sydney

Basil Sydney (April 23, 1894 St Osyth-January 10, 1968 London) also known as Basil Sidney was an English actor.

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Bud Flanagan

Bud Flanagan (October 14, 1896 Whitechapel-October 20, 1968 Sydenham) also known as Chaim Reuben Weintrop, Robert Winthrop, Flanagan & Allen, Flanagan and Allen or Flannegan & Allen was an English actor, singer and composer.

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Hanley Stafford

Hanley Stafford (September 22, 1899 Hanley, Staffordshire-September 9, 1968 Los Angeles) also known as Alfred John Austin was an English actor. His child is called Graham Stafford.

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Henry Hewitt

Henry Hewitt (December 28, 1885 London-August 23, 1968 Newbury) was an English actor.

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Derek Oldham

Derek Oldham (March 29, 1887 Accrington-March 20, 1968 Portsmouth) also known as John Stephens Oldham was an English singer and actor.

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Ted Lune

Ted Lune (August 1, 1920 Bolton-January 7, 1968 Selsey) also known as Harold Garnett was an English actor. His children are called Lynne Lune and Anne Lune.

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