English actors who died due to Arteriosclerosis

Here are 1 famous actors from England died in Arteriosclerosis:

Brandon Hurst

Brandon Hurst (August 30, 1866 London-July 15, 1947 Hollywood) was an English actor.

Hurst is best known for his roles in silent films, where he typically portrayed villainous characters. He began his career on the stage in England before transitioning to American films. Hurst appeared in over 120 films, including notable roles in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1920) and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1923). In addition to acting, he also worked as a film director and screenwriter. In his personal life, Hurst was known for his flamboyant style and eccentric behavior. He was married three times and had two children. Hurst passed away in Hollywood at the age of 80.

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