English movie stars born in 1936

Here are 10 famous actresses from England were born in 1936:

Glenda Jackson

Glenda Jackson (May 9, 1936 Birkenhead-) also known as Glenda May Jackson, Glenda Jackson MP, Glenda May Jackson, CBE or Glenda Jackson CBE MP is an English politician, actor and voice actor. She has one child, Daniel Pearce Jackson Hodges.

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Sabrina (May 19, 1936 Stockport-) also known as Norma Ann Sykes, England's Maid of the Mountains, Britain's finest hourglass or Britain's Jayne Mansfield is an English nude glamour model and actor.

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Mary Millar

Mary Millar (July 26, 1936 Doncaster-November 10, 1998 Brockley) otherwise known as Mary Wetton was an English actor and singer.

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Denise Coffey

Denise Coffey (December 12, 1936 Aldershot-) is an English actor and writer.

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Meg Johnson

Meg Johnson (September 30, 1936 Manchester-) is an English actor.

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Sheree Winton

Sheree Winton (November 4, 1936 Sheffield-May 29, 1976 Hatch End) also known as Shirley Winton was an English actor. She had one child, Dale Winton.

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Virginia Maskell

Virginia Maskell (February 27, 1936 Shepherd's Bush-January 25, 1968 Stoke Mandeville Hospital) a.k.a. Virginia Elizabeth Maskell was an English actor. Her child is called Nicholas Shakerley.

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Diana Davies

Diana Davies (July 20, 1936 Manchester-) is an English actor.

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Tsai Chin

Tsai Chin (November 30, 1936 Tianjin-) also known as Irene Chow, Tsai Chin Chow, Zhōu Cǎiqín, Caiqin Zhou, Tsai Chin Zhou, 周采芹 or Zhou Caiqin is an English actor, singer, author, teacher and voice actor.

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Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis (April 20, 1936 Neasden-) also known as Lisa Davis, Cherry Davis, Cherry Ann Davis, Lisa Davis Waltz-White, Shirley Ann Davis, Lisa White or Lisa Davis Waltz is an English actor. She has three children, Carrie Waltz, Wendy Waltz and Timothy Waltz.

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