English movie stars died at 53

Here are 4 famous actresses from England died at 53:

Fanny Fitzwilliam

Fanny Fitzwilliam (July 26, 1801-September 11, 1854) was an English actor and theatre director.

She died in cholera.

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Flora Le Breton

Flora Le Breton (April 5, 1898 Croydon-July 11, 1951 Brooklyn) also known as Flora LeBreton or Flora le Breton was an English singer and actor.

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Janet Webb

Janet Webb (July 1, 1930 Liverpool-December 29, 1983 Westminster) also known as Janet Patricia Webster was an English actor.

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Margaret Leighton

Margaret Leighton (February 26, 1922 Barnt Green-January 13, 1976 Chichester) was an English actor.

She died as a result of multiple sclerosis.

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