English movie stars died in 1998

Here are 4 famous actresses from England died in 1998:

Joan Hickson

Joan Hickson (August 5, 1906 Kingsthorpe-October 17, 1998 Colchester) a.k.a. Joan Bogle Hickson, Mrs Butler or Joan Hickson, OBE was an English actor and voice actor.

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Mary Millar

Mary Millar (July 26, 1936 Doncaster-November 10, 1998 Brockley) otherwise known as Mary Wetton was an English actor and singer.

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Rosamund John

Rosamund John (October 19, 1913 Tottenham-October 27, 1998 London) also known as Rosamund Jones or Nora Rosamund Jones was an English actor. She had one child, Rory L. F. Silkin.

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Peggy Ann Clifford

Peggy Ann Clifford (November 7, 1917 Bournemouth-July 15, 1998 Los Angeles) also known as Peggyann Clifford or Peggyanne Clifford was an English actor.

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