English musicians born in 1903

Here are 5 famous musicians from England were born in 1903:

Robin Milford

Robin Milford (January 22, 1903 Oxford-December 29, 1959) a.k.a. Milford, Robin was an English , .

His albums: Fishing by Moonlight.

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Vivian Ellis

Vivian Ellis (October 29, 1903 Hampstead-June 19, 1996) otherwise known as Ellis, Vivian was an English , .

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Diana Poulton

Diana Poulton (April 18, 1903 Storrington-December 15, 1995 Heyshott) also known as Edith Eleanor Diana Chloe Kibblewhite was an English musician, lutenist and music teacher.

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Percy Whitlock

Percy Whitlock (June 1, 1903 Chatham-May 1, 1946) a.k.a. Whitlock, Percy was an English , .

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Leighton Lucas

Leighton Lucas (January 5, 1903 London-November 1, 1982 London) was an English composer, film score composer and conductor.

His most recognized albums: The Film Music of Arthur Benjamin & Leighton Lucas.

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