English musicians born in 1933

Here are 10 famous musicians from England were born in 1933:

Michael Caine

Michael Caine (March 14, 1933 Rotherhithe-) also known as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Michael Scott, Maurice Micklewhite, Sir Michael Caine CBE or Sir Michael Caine is an English actor, author, film producer, voice actor and entrepreneur. His children are called Natasha Caine and Dominique Caine.

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Lance Percival

Lance Percival (July 26, 1933 Sevenoaks-January 6, 2015 London) also known as John Lancelot Blades Percival was an English actor, screenwriter, comedian, author, public speaker, presenter, singer and voice actor.

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Brian Cant

Brian Cant (July 12, 1933 Ipswich-) also known as Cant, Brian is an English presenter, actor, writer and voice actor. His children are called Richard Cant, Nicholas Cant, Rose Cant, Christabel Cant and Peter Cant.

Related albums: A Visit To Trumpton and Cinderella.

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Anne Rogers

Anne Rogers (July 29, 1933 Liverpool-) is an English singer.

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John Sanders

John Sanders (November 23, 1933 United Kingdom-December 23, 2003) was an English conductor.

His discography includes: English Choral Music and Gypsy Reeds, Strings and Skins.

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Don Estelle

Don Estelle (May 22, 1933 Crumpsall-August 2, 2003 Rochdale) was an English singer.

Genres he performed include Comedy.

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Dolly Collins

Dolly Collins (March 6, 1933 Hastings-September 22, 1995 Balcombe) otherwise known as Collins, Dolly was an English , .

Her albums: Love, Death and the Lady, Anthems in Eden, The Harvest Years, For as Many as Will, Snapshots and The Holly Bears the Crown. Genres: Folk music.

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Royston Nash

Royston Nash (July 23, 1933 England-) is an English conductor.

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Julian Bream

Julian Bream (July 15, 1933 London-) also known as BREAM, Julian or J Bream is an English guitarist.

His albums: Brouwer, Rodrigo, The Ultimate Guitar Collection, Guitar Greatest Hits, Guitarra: The Guitar in Spain, Julian Bream Plays Granados & Albéniz, Julian Bream Plays Spanish Guitar Music, Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez / Villa-Lobos: Guitar Concerto / 5 Preludes, Highlights from the Julian Bream Edition, The Classical Guitar Collection and Disc 2:Lute Music From the Royal Courts of Europe (Julian Bream). Genres: Classical music.

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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw (July 31, 1933 Coventry-) is an English poet, saxophonist and musician.

Genres he performed: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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