English musicians born in 1964

Here are 50 famous musicians from England were born in 1964:

Bonnie Langford

Bonnie Langford (July 22, 1964 Surrey-) otherwise known as Bonita Melody Lysette Langford or Langford, Bonnie is an English actor, singer and dancer. Her child is Biana Grunert.

Her albums include Leading Ladies, Bonnie Langford Now and Jazz at the Theatre.

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David Baddiel

David Baddiel (May 28, 1964 New York City-) also known as David Lionel Baddiel, Baddiel, David or Newman is an English presenter, novelist, comedian, screenwriter, actor and writer. He has two children, Dolly Loveday Baddiel and Ezra Beckett Baddiel.

His most well known albums: Three Lions ’98 and Three Lions.

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Robson Green

Robson Green (December 18, 1964 Hexham-) also known as Robson Golightly Green is an English singer, actor, presenter and singer-songwriter. He has one child, Taylor Robson Green.

Robson Green first rose to fame in the UK in the early 1990s with his roles in the popular TV dramas "Soldier Soldier" and "Casualty". Since then, he has appeared in numerous TV series, including "Wire in the Blood", "Grantchester" and "Age Before Beauty". In addition to his acting career, Green has also released several albums as a singer-songwriter and has presented a wide range of TV shows, including documentaries on fishing and travel. He is also a trained metallurgist and has authored several books on fishing and the environment. Green is a passionate conservationist and supports several charities that work to protect the environment and wildlife.

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Russell Churney

Russell Churney (September 10, 1964-February 27, 2007) was an English , .

His albums: Darkness and Disgrace: The Songs of David Bowie and Durga Rising: An Indo-Jazz Adventure.

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Andy Bell

Andy Bell (April 25, 1964 Peterborough-) also known as Bell, Andy is an English singer, disc jockey and songwriter.

His albums include Electric Blue, Crazy, I'll Never Fall in Love Again, Non-Stop, Aftermath (Here We Go) (The Remixes) and Only a Feeling. Genres he performed: Synthpop and Dance music.

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Glenn Carter

Glenn Carter (March 27, 1964 Staffordshire-) is an English singer.

He started his career as a performer in the West End productions of famous musicals like "Les Misérables" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Carter is also known for his portrayal of Jesus in the West End and Broadway productions of "Jesus Christ Superstar", which earned him critical acclaim and a nomination for a Laurence Olivier Award. In addition to stage work, he has released several albums and collaborated with other notable musicians. Carter continues to perform and tour throughout the UK and internationally.

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Mark Walters

Mark Walters (June 2, 1964 Birmingham-) is an English football player.

Mark Walters started his football career at Aston Villa in 1982, where he played as a winger. He became known for his pace and skill on the ball, which made him a fan favorite. In 1987, he transferred to Rangers in the Scottish Premier League, where he won three league titles, two Scottish cups, and a league cup. Walters then had short spells with Liverpool, Stoke City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Swindon Town. He retired from professional football in 2002 and went on to work as a football pundit for various media outlets in the UK. Off the field, Walters has been involved in various charity work and is an ambassador for Show Racism the Red Card, an anti-racism education charity in the UK.

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Liane Carroll

Liane Carroll (February 9, 1964 London-) also known as Carroll, Liane is an English singer.

Her albums include Slow Down, Standard Issue, Ballads, Up And Down and Dolly Bird. Her related genres: Jazz.

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Toni Halliday

Toni Halliday (July 5, 1964 Fulham-) otherwise known as Halliday, Toni is an English singer, musician, lyricist and guitarist.

Her discography includes: Weekday, Time Turns Around, Hearts and Handshakes and Original. Genres she performed include Shoegazing, Dream pop, Alternative rock, Electronic rock, Electronica, Pop music and Electronic music.

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Tommy Scott

Tommy Scott (February 18, 1964 Liverpool-) also known as Scott, Thomas, Scott, Tommy or T. Scott is an English singer, musician, songwriter and bassist.

Genres: Alternative rock, Britpop, Indie rock, Punk rock and Pop rock.

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Baz Warne

Baz Warne (March 25, 1964 Sunderland-) is an English singer, guitarist, musician, record producer and songwriter.

Genres he performed: Blues, Rock music, World music, Southern rock and Blue-eyed soul.

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Julian Fenton

Julian Fenton (May 21, 1964 Marylebone-) is an English , .

Genres related to him: Alternative rock.

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Shelley Preston

Shelley Preston (May 14, 1964 Hillingdon-) also known as Shelly Preston or Preston, Shelley is an English singer.

Genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Paul Hanley

Paul Hanley (February 18, 1964 Manchester-) otherwise known as Hanley, Paul is an English musician, songwriter and drummer.

Genres: Punk rock and Independent music.

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Nicki French

Nicki French (September 26, 1964 Carlisle, Cumbria-) also known as Nikki French, Nicky French, Nicki French (United Kingdom) or French, Nicki is an English singer and dancer.

Related albums: Is There Anybody Out There?, Secrets, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, BAGSCD 4 and Total Eclipse of the Heart. Genres: Pop music, Dance music and Eurodance.

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Tony Di Bart

Tony Di Bart (April 27, 1964 Maidenhead-) also known as Toni Di Bart, Tony DiBart, Di Bart, Tony, Tony Di-Bart or Toni De Bart is an English singer.

His albums: The Real Thing (If I Can't Have You), The Real Thing, Turn Your Love Around and The Real Thing.

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Ginger (December 17, 1964 South Shields-) otherwise known as David Walls is an English singer, guitarist and songwriter.

His most important albums: Grievous Acoustic Behaviour, Valor del Corazón, A Break in the Weather, I'm a Lover Not a Fighter, The Saga of Me & You, Yoni, The Great White Monkey, Potatoes & You, Live Begins at 40 and Market Harbour. His related genres: Rock music.

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Andy Abraham

Andy Abraham (July 16, 1964 North London-) also known as Andrew Abraham or Abraham, Andy is an English singer and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: The Impossible Dream, Soul Man, December Brings Me Back to You, Even If, Even If and The Very Best of Andy Abraham. Genres: Pop music.

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Chris Maitland

Chris Maitland (May 13, 1964 England-) a.k.a. Maitland, Chris is an English drummer.

He is best known for his work as the drummer for progressive rock band Porcupine Tree from 1993 to 2002. Maitland also played with other bands and artists, including No-Man, Blackfield, Kino, and David Bowie. He has been praised for his technical skills and creative approach to drumming. Maitland has been a part of several music projects over the years, including his own band The Chris Maitland Experience, which he formed in 2006. In addition to his work as a drummer, Maitland has also been involved in music production, and has worked as a producer and engineer for several bands and artists.

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Martin France

Martin France (February 29, 1964 United Kingdom-) also known as Martin France ARAM Hons is an English drummer.

His albums: Requiem for a Dreamer, Angel of the Presence, and Instrumation. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Matt Monro Jr

Matt Monro Jr (February 21, 1964-March 1, 1985) a.k.a. Matt Monro was an English singer.

He was the son of the famous English singer, Matt Monro, who was known for his hit songs like "From Russia With Love" and "Born Free". Matt Monro Jr. followed in his father's footsteps and pursued a career in music. He started performing at a young age and made several television appearances in the 70s and 80s.

In addition to singing, Matt Monro Jr. was also an accomplished songwriter, musician, and actor. He wrote songs for several artists and bands, including the popular boy band, Bros. He also acted in various stage productions and TV shows.

Sadly, Matt Monro Jr. passed away at the young age of 21 due to liver failure. Despite his short life, he left a lasting impact on the music industry and is remembered as a talented and promising artist.

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Ian Dench

Ian Dench (August 7, 1964 Cheltenham-) a.k.a. Dench, Ian is an English songwriter, musician and guitarist.

He is best known as a member of the band EMF, which had a hit single in 1990 with "Unbelievable." Dench went on to co-write a number of hit songs for other artists, including Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy," Florence + the Machine's "Breath of Life," and Shakira's "Can't Remember to Forget You" featuring Rihanna. Additionally, Dench has worked on film and television soundtracks, such as composing the score for the 2006 film "The History Boys."

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Mike Sanchez

Mike Sanchez (February 17, 1964 London-) is an English singer.

Genres he performed include Rockabilly, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Blues, Rock and roll and Boogie-woogie.

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Jeremy Filsell

Jeremy Filsell (April 10, 1964-) is an English , .

Jeremy Filsell (April 10, 1964-) is an English concert organist, pianist, choral conductor, and composer. He was born in London and began his music career as a chorister at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Filsell had his debut as an organist at the age of 16 and has since performed at numerous prestigious venues around the world such as Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame de Paris, and the Sydney Opera House. He has also released more than 30 recordings and has been a well-known figure in the classical music industry for over three decades. In addition to his performance career, Filsell has also produced editions of works by composers such as Mendelssohn, Elgar, and Parry.

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Chris Kavanagh

Chris Kavanagh (June 4, 1964 Woolwich-) also known as Chris Cavanagh or Kavanagh, Chris is an English drummer.

Chris Kavanagh grew up in a family deeply involved with music; his father was a tenor and his siblings were also musicians. He began playing drums at the age of ten and quickly showed an exceptional talent for the instrument. In his youth, he played with a number of local bands and gained a reputation as a skillful drummer with an impressive range of styles.

After completing his education, Kavanagh began touring and recording with a number of well-known artists, including Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, and Annie Lennox. He gained a reputation as a versatile and reliable drummer, and his work became highly sought after within the music industry.

Alongside his work as a drummer, Kavanagh is also an accomplished songwriter, producer, and composer. He has collaborated with a range of artists and has released several critically acclaimed solo albums. In addition to his musical work, Kavanagh is also a committed environmentalist and actively supports a number of environmental charities.

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Clark Datchler

Clark Datchler (March 27, 1964 Sutton-) also known as Datchler, Clark is an English singer.

Discography: Raindance and Things Can't Get Any Worse. Genres he performed include Pop music, Sophisti-pop, Pop rock and New Wave.

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Gavin Greenaway

Gavin Greenaway (June 15, 1964 United Kingdom-) also known as Greenaway, Gavin or Gavin Greenway is an English , .

His albums: Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams and Ecce Cor Meum (Behold My Heart).

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Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock (May 30, 1964 Bebington-) is an English drummer and musician.

Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Indie rock, Britpop, Rock music and Pop music.

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Siobhan Maher-Kennedy

Siobhan Maher-Kennedy (January 11, 1964-) otherwise known as Siobhan Maher Kennedy or Maher-Kennedy, Siobhan is an English singer.

Discography: Immigrant Flower.

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Justin Jones

Justin Jones (January 9, 1964 Birmingham-) also known as Justin L. Jones or Jones, Justin is an English musician and guitarist.

Jones began playing guitar at the age of 12 and was heavily influenced by blues and rock music. He formed his first band in his early twenties and spent several years touring around England and Europe. In the early 90s, he moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his music career.

Jones has worked with many notable artists and musicians, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, and David Bowie. He is also known for his guitar work on several film soundtracks, including the scores for Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

In addition to his music career, Jones is also an avid collector of vintage guitars and has written several books on the subject. He currently resides in London and continues to perform and record music.

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John Metcalfe

John Metcalfe (August 6, 1964 Wellington-) also known as Metcalfe, John is an English cinematographer.

His albums include The Inner Line, Scorching Bay, A Darker Sunset and The Appearance of Colour.

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Christian Hayes

Christian Hayes (June 10, 1964 London-) a.k.a. Bic Hayes or Hayes, Christian is an English singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Psychedelic rock, Alternative rock and Indie rock.

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Ian Bostridge

Ian Bostridge (December 25, 1964 London-) a.k.a. Bostridge, Ian is an English singer and opera singer.

His discography includes: The English Songbook, Schubert Schwanengesang, Great Handel (Tenor:Ian Bostridge. Orchestra of the age of Enlightenment coducted by Harry Bicket), Three Baroque Tenors, The Turn of the Screw, Over hill, over dale, The Hyperion Schubert Edition, Volume 20: An 1815 Schubertiad, Schubert: Die Schöne Müllerin (feat. tenor: Ian Bostridge, piano: Graham Johnson, reader: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau), Piano Sonata in B flat D. 960 / 3 Lieder and .

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Troy Donockley

Troy Donockley (May 30, 1964 Workington-) also known as Donockley, Troy is an English composer, multi-instrumentalist and musician.

His discography includes: The Unseen Stream, The Pursuit of Illusion, The Madness of Crowds, From Silence and When Worlds Collide. Genres: Country.

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Rob Jones

Rob Jones (February 14, 1964 England-July 31, 1993) a.k.a. Rob "The Bass Thing" Jones or Bass Thing, The was an English , .

Rob Jones was an English musician and producer who was best known for his bass playing skills. He started playing bass guitar in his teenage years and eventually joined several bands in the UK music scene. In 1988, he became the bass player for the alternative rock band, The Wonder Stuff. He played on their second album, "Hup" which was released in 1989 and became a commercial success.

Jones was also known for his production work and worked with several other artists during the 1990s. He produced records for bands such as Bentley Rhythm Ace and Salad. He was also involved in the creation of several movie soundtracks, including the film "Shallow Grave" directed by Danny Boyle.

Unfortunately, Jones passed away in 1993 at the age of 29, due to complications from a rare blood disorder called aplastic anemia. His death was a great loss to the UK music industry, but his legacy lives on through his music and contributions to the music of others.

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Alan Wren

Alan Wren (April 10, 1964 Manchester-) also known as Reni is an English musician, songwriter and drummer.

Genres he performed include Alternative rock and Madchester.

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Roy Boulter

Roy Boulter (July 2, 1964 Liverpool-) a.k.a. The Farm is an English screenwriter, drummer and film producer.

He is best known for his work on the films "Broken" (2012), "The Selfish Giant" (2013) and "The Last Photograph" (2019). Boulter started his career in the music industry in the 1980s as the drummer for the band The Farm, which had a number one hit in the UK music charts with their song "All Together Now" in 1990. He later transitioned into film production and has since co-founded two production companies: Hurricane Films and Cow Films. In addition to his film work, Boulter is also a lecturer in film production at Liverpool John Moores University.

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Stu West

Stu West (December 24, 1964 Lincolnshire-) is an English musician.

He is best known as the bassist of the alternative rock band, "Skunk Anansie". West joined the band in 2002, during their reunion tour after their initial split in 2001. Prior to joining "Skunk Anansie", West played bass for several other bands such as "The Winachi Tribe", "The Mission" and "The Seahorses". In addition to his music career, he is also known for his work as a graphic designer and has created album covers for various bands. West is married and has two children. Outside of his music and design career, he is an avid supporter of the football club, Manchester United.

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Graham Crabb

Graham Crabb (October 10, 1964 Streetly-) a.k.a. Crabb, Graham is an English singer.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Guru Josh

Guru Josh (June 9, 1964-) a.k.a. Paul Walden or P. Walden is an English musician, record producer and songwriter.

Discography: Infinity, Infinity, Infinity (Remixes), Infinity (2004), Infinity (1990's...Time For The Guru), Love of Life, Whose law (is it anyway), Ray of Sunshine and Infinity 2012. Genres he performed: Techno, Acid house, House music and Electro house.

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Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung (September 20, 1964 Hong Kong-) also known as Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Cheung, Maggie, Maggie Cheung Man yuk, Man-Yu Cheung, Man-yu Zhang, Jèung Maahn Yuhk, Zhāng Mànyù, Man-yuk Cheung or Cheung Man-yuk is an English actor.

Maggie Cheung is widely considered to be one of the greatest Hong Kong stars. She began her acting career in the 1980s and quickly rose to fame for her roles in popular Hong Kong films such as "Police Story" and "As Tears Go By".

Cheung is particularly known for her work with acclaimed Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai. The two collaborated on several films, including "Days of Being Wild", "In the Mood for Love", and "2046", which earned Cheung the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004.

In addition to her work in Hong Kong cinema, Cheung has also gained international acclaim for her roles in films such as "Clean" and "Hero". She has won numerous awards throughout her career, including the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress five times.

Cheung has also been involved in philanthropic work, particularly in support of children's causes. She was appointed as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1999 and has worked to raise awareness of issues such as child trafficking and education.

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Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney (May 12, 1964 Rochester-) otherwise known as Natin Sawhney, Nitin Shawney, Nitin Sawhey, Nitin Sawney, Nittin Sawhney, Nitin Sawnhey, Nitin Sawheny or Sawhney, Nitin is an English musician, film score composer, composer and record producer.

His albums: Migration, Displacing the Priest, Prophesy, Human, All Mixed Up, Philtre, Sunset, Introducing Nitin Sawhney, Homelands EP and Beyond Skin. Genres he performed include Drum and bass, Jazz, Orchestra, Trip hop, Hip hop music, Downtempo, Electronica, Nu jazz and Contemporary R&B.

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Deborah York

Deborah York (November 9, 1964 Sheffield-) also known as York, Deborah is an English opera singer and actor.

Her albums include Kantates 8, 125, 138 - Herreweghe and Kantates 120, 119, 29 - Herreweghe.

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Dave Rowntree

Dave Rowntree (May 8, 1964 Colchester-) a.k.a. David Rowntree, Rowntree, Dave or David Alexander De Horne Rowntree is an English politician, drummer, animator, musician, songwriter, solicitor and activist.

His related genres: Alternative rock, Britpop, Electronica, Indie rock, Electronic dance music and Art rock.

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Jonny Dollar

Jonny Dollar (February 20, 1964 London-May 29, 2009) otherwise known as Jonny $, Dollar, Jonny, Johnny Dollar or Jonathan Peter Sharp was an English record producer, guitarist, songwriter and programmer.

Genres related to him: Trip hop.

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Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson (June 28, 1964 United Kingdom-) a.k.a. Williamson, Steve is an English composer.

Related albums: A Waltz for Grace, Rhyme Time (That Fuss Was Us!), Journey To Truth and .

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Mark O'Toole

Mark O'Toole (January 6, 1964 Walton, Liverpool-) a.k.a. O'Toole, Mark is an English guitarist, bassist and musician.

Genres he performed: Dance music, New Wave, Pop rock, Synthpop and House music.

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Andy Rourke

Andy Rourke (January 17, 1964 Manchester-) also known as Rourke, Andy or Andrew Michael Rourke is an English guitarist, bassist and musician.

His related genres: Alternative rock, Indie rock and Indie pop.

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Damian (September 30, 1964 Manchester-) is an English actor.

Discography: The Time Warp.

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Steven Burrows

Steven Burrows (March 2, 1964 Bromsgrove-) is an English musician.

He is best known for being the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band And Also the Trees, which was formed in 1979. Burrows has also released several solo albums and collaborated with other artists on various projects. He is known for his distinctive voice, poetic lyrics, and atmospheric guitar playing style. Burrows has cited a wide range of musical influences, including Nick Drake, Joy Division, and The Doors. In addition to his musical career, he is also a visual artist and has exhibited his paintings and drawings in galleries in the UK and Europe.

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