English musicians born in 1967

Here are 33 famous musicians from England were born in 1967:

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher (May 29, 1967 Longsight-) a.k.a. Noel Thomas David Gallagher, The Chief, Wrinkly Rocker or Oasis is an English singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist and actor. He has three children, Anaïs Gallagher, Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher and Sonny Patrick MacDonald Gallagher.

His albums: The Dreams We Have as Children – Live at the Royal Albert Hall and Rhapsody Originals. His related genres: Rock music, Britpop, Psychedelic rock and Alternative rock.

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Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne (May 27, 1967 Dunston-) also known as Gascoigne, Paul or gazza is an English football player. He has three children, Bianca Gascoigne, Mason Gascoigne and Regan Gascoigne.

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Letitia Dean

Letitia Dean (November 14, 1967 Potters Bar-) also known as Letitia Jane Dean or Titia Dean is an English singer, character actor and actor.

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Skin (August 3, 1967 Brixton-) also known as Skin, Deborah Anne Dyer or Deborah Dyer is an English singer.

Her discography includes: Fleshwounds, Fake Chemical State, Just Let the Sun, , Trashed, Nothing Matters, Purple, If This Ain't Love, Lost/ Getting Away With It and Carmen Queasy. Her related genres: Rock music, Independent music, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Punk rock and Alternative metal.

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Julian Anderson

Julian Anderson (April 6, 1967 London-) also known as Anderson, Julian is an English composer.

His albums: Alhambra Fantasy / Khorovod / The Stations of the Sun / The Crazed Moon / Diptych (conductor: Oliver Knussen) and Fantasias / The Crazed Moon / The Discovery of Heaven.

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Miki Berenyi

Miki Berenyi (March 18, 1967 London-) also known as Berenyi is an English singer, guitarist, film score composer and musician.

Her related genres: Rock music, Shoegazing and Alternative rock.

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Nicki Chapman

Nicki Chapman (January 14, 1967 Herne Bay-) also known as Nicole Chapman or Nicky Chapman is an English presenter.

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Sarah Cracknell

Sarah Cracknell (April 12, 1967 Chelmsford-) a.k.a. Sara Cracknell or Cracknell, Sarah is an English singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

Her discography includes: Lipslide, Kelly's Locker, Anymore and Desert Baby. Genres she performed: Pop music, Dance music, Independent music, Synthpop, Alternative rock, Indie pop, Alternative dance and House music.

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Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess (May 30, 1967 Salford, Greater Manchester-) also known as Burgess, Tim or Timothy Allan Burgess is an English singer, songwriter and musician.

His discography includes: Only a Boy, I Believe, I Believe in the Spirit and Oh No I Love You. His related genres: Pop music, Rock music, Britpop, Alternative rock, Indie rock and Madchester.

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Toby Jepson

Toby Jepson (October 9, 1967 Lincoln-) otherwise known as Jepson, Toby is an English singer, guitarist, musician, singer-songwriter and record producer.

His albums: Refresh EP, Twisted Rhapsodies, Guitar, Bass and Drums, Guitar, Bass and Drums EP3, Raising My Own Hell, Guitar, Bass and Drums EP1 and Guitar, Bass and Drums EP2. Genres he performed: Hard rock and British rock.

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David McAlmont

David McAlmont (May 2, 1967 Croydon-) otherwise known as McAlmont or McAlmont, David is an English singer.

His albums: McAlmont, A Little Communication, You Go To My Head (Set One), The Glare, Diamonds Are Forever and A Little Communication.

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Maxim (March 21, 1967 Peterborough-) a.k.a. Maxim Reality, Keith Palmer or Prodigy is an English singer, musician, record producer, composer, rapper and singer-songwriter.

His albums include Scheming, Hell's Kitchen, Fallen Angel, Carmen Queasy and My Web. Genres he performed: Big beat, Electronic music, Alternative rock and Trip hop.

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Philip Selway

Philip Selway (May 23, 1967 Abingdon-) a.k.a. Philip James Selway or Phil Selway is an English musician, teacher, drummer, songwriter, actor, singer and singer-songwriter. His children are Leo Selway, Jamie Selway and Patrick Selway.

His most recognized albums: Familial, Running Blind and Weatherhouse. Genres: Alternative rock, Art rock, Electronic music and Folk rock.

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A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald (February 16, 1967 Manchester-) a.k.a. Ricky Rouge, A Guy Named Gerald, Gerald Simpson, Rouge, Ricky, Guy Called Gerald, A or Inertia is an English disc jockey, musician and record producer.

His albums: Finley's Rainbow, The John Peel Sessions, Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions, To All Things What They Need, First Try, Essence, Black Secret Technology, Automanikk, Automanikk and Hot Lemonade. Genres he performed: House music, Acid house, Techno, Electronica, Drum and bass and Electronic dance music.

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Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes (July 5, 1967 Manchester-) otherwise known as Hughes, Gareth, Once and Future King, Gary Hughes or Hughes, Gary is an English singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums include Strength of Heart, Gary Hughes, Once and Future King, Part I, Precious Ones, Once and Future King, Part II, Part I, The Reissues, Veritas and In Your Eyes. Genres he performed include Hard rock.

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John Power

John Power (September 14, 1967 Allerton, Liverpool-) also known as Power, John or John Timothy Power is an English singer, bassist, singer-songwriter and guitarist.

His most important albums: Happening for Love, Willow She Weeps, Stormbreaker and Jumpin' Bean/Willow Weep. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, Britpop, Folk rock, Blues, Indie rock and Acoustic music.

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Joanna Riding

Joanna Riding (November 9, 1967 Lancashire-) also known as Joanne Riding is an English actor.

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Alain Whyte

Alain Whyte (July 3, 1967 Camden Town-) a.k.a. Whyte, Alain is an English guitarist, singer-songwriter and composer.

Genres he performed include Pop music, Rock music, Rockabilly and Rock and roll.

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Ruthie Henshall

Ruthie Henshall (March 7, 1967 Bromley-) a.k.a. Valentine Ruth Henshall, Ruth Henshall or Ruthie Henshall Armand is an English actor, singer and dancer. She has two children, Lily Amalia Howar and Dolly Olivia Howar.

Her discography includes: Pilgrim and The Ruthie Henshall (album).

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Julian Beeston

Julian Beeston (September 27, 1967-) also known as Beeston, Julian is an English sound effects editor and audio engineer.

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Martin Walkyier

Martin Walkyier (November 20, 1967-) also known as Walkyier, Martin is an English singer and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Folk metal, Heavy metal and Thrash metal.

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Damon Reece

Damon Reece (February 16, 1967-) is an English drummer.

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Candida Thompson

Candida Thompson (September 27, 1967 Glasgow-) is an English , .

Her albums include and . Her related genres: Classical music.

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Mick Harris

Mick Harris (October 12, 1967 Birmingham-) also known as Michael John Harris is an English musician and drummer.

His albums include Mesmeric Enabling Device, Overload Lady, Session 02, Overload Lady (Remixes), Somnific Flux, Shortcut to Connect, Total Station, Murder Ballads: The Complete Collection, Session 03 and Collapse. Genres: Dubstep, Dub, Punk jazz, Dark ambient, Isolationism, Industrial metal, Drum and bass, Illbient, Grindcore, Power noise, Hip hop music, Death metal, Hardcore punk, Deathgrind, Thrash metal, Electronica and Trip hop.

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Will Carruthers

Will Carruthers (November 9, 1967 Chesterfield-) also known as William Carruthers or Carruthers, Will is an English , .

His albums include The Flowers of Hell / Will Carruthers.

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Moose Harris

Moose Harris (December 17, 1967 Devizes-) a.k.a. Harris, Jason, Jason James Harris or Jason Harris is an English musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Punk rock and Alternative rock.

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Jason Herbert

Jason Herbert (March 18, 1967 Coventry-) a.k.a. John, Jason or Jason John is an English , .

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John Digweed

John Digweed (January 1, 1967 Hastings-) is an English disc jockey, record producer, actor and businessperson.

Discography: Global Underground 006: John Digweed in Sydney, Global Underground 014: John Digweed in Hong Kong, Global Underground 019: John Digweed in Los Angeles, MMII, Stark Raving Mad, Fabric 20: John Digweed, Azuli Presents John Digweed: Choice: A Collection of Classics, Layered Sounds 2, The Winning Ticket and Warung Beach. Genres: Progressive house, Techno, Tech house and House music.

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Andrew Vowles

Andrew Vowles (November 10, 1967 Bristol-) a.k.a. Mushroom, Mushroom Vowles, Vowies or Andrew Lee Isaac Vowles is an English singer and musician.

Genres: Trip hop, Electronica and Electronic dance music.

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Simon Paisley Day

Simon Paisley Day (April 13, 1967 Gillingham-) also known as Simon Day is an English actor.

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Martin Duffy

Martin Duffy (May 18, 1967 Birmingham-) a.k.a. Duffy, Martin is an English musician and keyboard player.

His albums include Assorted Promenades. Genres: Alternative rock and Indie rock.

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Jon Thorne

Jon Thorne (February 12, 1967 Bishop's Stortford-) a.k.a. J. Thorne is an English bassist and composer.

His albums include Watching the Well.

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Mark Nightingale

Mark Nightingale (May 29, 1967 Evesham-) is an English trombonist and musician.

Genres: Jazz.

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