Cuban music stars who deceased at age 74

Here are 2 famous musicians from Cuba died at 74:

Mario García Menocal

Mario García Menocal (December 17, 1866 Jagüey Grande-September 7, 1941 Santiago de Cuba) a.k.a. Mario Garcia Menocal was a Cuban personality.

He was a lawyer and a politician who served as the President of Cuba from 1913 to 1921. During his presidency, Menocal implemented various initiatives such as the construction of highways, railways, and several public buildings. He also introduced significant educational reforms, including the establishment of schools and universities. He was a staunch advocate of Cuban independence and worked tirelessly towards the development of his country, both socially and financially. He was reelected for a second term, during which he worked to improve trade relations with the United States. Menocal was also an active member of the Masonic Order of Cuba and was awarded the Knighthood of the Legion of Honor by the French government for his political and cultural services. After his presidency, he remained an influential figure in Cuban politics until his death in 1941.

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Félix Tanco

Félix Tanco (January 28, 1797-April 5, 1871) was a Cuban personality.

He was a lawyer, politician, diplomat, and journalist, who played a significant role in the fight for Cuban independence from Spain. Tanco was a member of the liberal movement in Cuba, which sought greater autonomy from the Spanish colonial government. He was a prominent member of the Cuban Revolutionary Party and was elected as a delegate to the Spanish Cortes, where he advocated for greater representation and rights for Cubans. Tanco was also a prolific writer, contributing to several newspapers and publications in Cuba and Spain. During his lifetime, he was recognized as a leading intellectual and voice for Cuban independence.

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