Estonian movie stars died in 2014

Here are 1 famous actresses from Estonia died in 2014:

Käbi Laretei

Käbi Laretei (July 14, 1922 Tartu-November 1, 2014) also known as Kabi Laretei, Käbi Alma Laretei or Laretei was an Estonian pianist and actor. She had one child, Daniel Bergman.

Laretei began studying music at the Tallinn Conservatory in Estonia, and later continued her studies in Stockholm, Sweden. She went on to have a successful career as a concert pianist, performing all over Europe and the United States. In addition to her work as a musician, Laretei also pursued acting and appeared in several films and television shows, including Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" and "Scenes from a Marriage." Laretei's personal life was marked by tragedy and resilience; she survived the Holocaust and the Soviet occupation of Estonia before settling in Sweden, where she continued to perform and teach music until her death.

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