Estonian musicians died at 50

Here are 2 famous musicians from Estonia died at 50:

Otto Magnus von Stackelberg

Otto Magnus von Stackelberg (July 25, 1786 Tallinn-March 27, 1837 Saint Petersburg) was an Estonian personality.

He was a renowned linguist, diplomat and Orientalist who was fluent in over 30 languages. He served as the Russian ambassador to Persia and Afghanistan from 1816 to 1823, and played a key role in negotiating important treaties between Russia and these countries. Von Stackelberg was also known for his contributions to the study of Arabic, Persian and Turkish languages and cultures, and authored several books on these subjects. He is widely considered as one of the most influential figures in the development of Oriental studies in Europe, and his legacy continues to inspire scholars and intellectuals to this day.

In addition to his accomplishments as a linguist and diplomat, Otto Magnus von Stackelberg was also a respected art historian and amateur archaeologist. He conducted extensive research on the ancient history and culture of the Near East, and his travels in Persia and Afghanistan allowed him to collect and study a wide variety of artifacts and manuscripts related to these subjects. Von Stackelberg's writings on art and archaeology were widely read and respected in his time, and his collection of ancient artifacts formed the basis of several museum exhibits in Russia and Europe. In recognition of his contributions to scholarship and diplomacy, von Stackelberg was awarded several prestigious honors by the Russian government, including the Order of St. Anna and the Order of St. Vladimir.

Von Stackelberg was born to a prominent Baltic German family in Tallinn (formerly known as Reval), which was then part of the Swedish Empire. He received his education in Germany and Russia, studying at the universities of Göttingen, Jena, and St. Petersburg. He became fluent in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and several European languages, and was recognized as an expert in Oriental studies.

After serving as a diplomat in Persia and Afghanistan, von Stackelberg returned to Russia and continued his scholarly pursuits. He was appointed curator of the Asiatic Museum in St. Petersburg, and his collection of manuscripts, books, and artifacts became one of the most important resources for scholars of Oriental studies in Europe.

Von Stackelberg's contributions to Oriental studies were not just academic, but also had practical implications. His diplomatic efforts in Persia and Afghanistan helped solidify Russia's foothold in these regions, and paved the way for future political and economic relations between the two countries.

Today, von Stackelberg is remembered as a pioneering figure in the field of Oriental studies, and his writings on linguistics, art history, and archaeology continue to be studied and admired by scholars around the world.

In addition to his work as a linguist and diplomat, von Stackelberg was also an accomplished botanist. He spent much of his time exploring the flora and fauna of the regions he visited, collecting and studying samples of local plant life. He published several papers on his findings, and his contributions to the field of botany helped expand scientific knowledge of plant life in the Near East.

Von Stackelberg's legacy also includes his role in the development of Russian Orientalism, a cultural movement that celebrated the art, culture, and history of the Near East. He was an active participant in the movement, and his writings and collections of artifacts helped fuel interest in Orientalism among scholars, artists, and collectors in Europe and Russia.

Despite his many accomplishments, von Stackelberg's life was not without tragedy. He lost his wife and infant child during his time in Persia, and his own health suffered as a result of his extensive travels and work. He died in St. Petersburg at the age of 50, leaving behind a lasting legacy as a linguist, diplomat, scholar, and collector.

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Lepo Sumera

Lepo Sumera (May 8, 1950 Tallinn-June 2, 2000 Tallinn) a.k.a. Sumera, Lepo was an Estonian personality.

His albums: Mushroom Cantata & Other Choral Works, Symphony no. 6 / Cello Concerto / Musica profana, ...Like Searching..., , Significatio, Symphony no. 5 / Music for Chamber Orchestra / In memoriam, Sumera: In Memoriam / Tubin: Viiulikontsert nr. 2 / Lemba: Klaverikontsert nr. 1, and Symphonies no. 1, no. 2 & no. 3.

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