Estonian musicians died at 80

Here are 1 famous musicians from Estonia died at 80:

Eino Tamberg

Eino Tamberg (May 27, 1930 Tallinn-December 24, 2010 Tallinn) was an Estonian composer and film score composer.

His albums: , , , Joanna Tentata Suite / Symphonic Dances / Concerto grosso, and Nocturne / Saxophone Concerto / A Sentimental Journey with a Clarinet / Concerto grosso.

Eino Tamberg was a prominent figure in Estonian classical music, known for his innovative style and use of traditional Estonian folk music in his compositions. He studied music theory and composition at the Tallinn Conservatory and later became a professor there. Tamberg composed music for a variety of mediums, including orchestral works, chamber music, and film scores. He received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Estonian SSR State Prize in 1973, and was also a member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Tamberg's works have been performed and recorded by many notable musicians and orchestras around the world.

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