Famous movie actors born in the year 1919

Here are 50 famous actors from the world were born in 1919:

Michael Bilton

Michael Bilton (December 14, 1919 Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire-November 5, 1993 Berkhamsted) was an English actor.

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Ernest Graves

Ernest Graves (May 5, 1919 Chicago-June 1, 1983 New York City) was an American actor.

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Dallas McKennon

Dallas McKennon (July 19, 1919 La Grande-July 14, 2009 Raymond) also known as Dallas Raymond McKennon, Dal McKennon, Dal McKinnon, Charles Farrington, Dale McKennon, Dalllas McKennon, Sallas McKennon or Raymond Dallas McKennon Jr. was an American actor, voice actor and historian. His children are called Dalene Lackaff, Barbara Porter, Linda Strozyk, Gayle McKennon, Tamara Rock, Wendy McKennon, Jerald McKennon and Steven McKennon.

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G. Wood

G. Wood (December 31, 1919 Forrest City-July 24, 2000 Macon) otherwise known as George Wood was an American actor.

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John Sylvester White

John Sylvester White (October 31, 1919 Philadelphia-September 11, 1988 Waikiki) was an American actor.

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Lawrence Dobkin

Lawrence Dobkin (September 16, 1919 New York City-October 28, 2002 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Larry Dobkin, Larry or Larry Dobkins was an American actor, screenwriter, television director and voice actor. He had four children, Debra Dobkin, Kristy Dobkin, Kaela Dobkin and Laird Dobkin.

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Donald Richards

Donald Richards (March 24, 1919 New York City-September 26, 1953 Ridgewood) was an American actor and singer.

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Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.

Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. (January 27, 1919 Fresno-January 16, 1972 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Rostom Sipan Bagdasarian, David Seville, Ross Bagdasarian, Rostom Sipan "Ross" Bagdasarian or Seville, David was an American record producer, songwriter, singer, actor, pianist and screenwriter. He had two children, Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. and Carol Bagdasarian.

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Donald Haines

Donald Haines (May 9, 1919 Seward County-February 20, 1943) otherwise known as Our Gang was an American actor.

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Lloyd Richards

Lloyd Richards (June 29, 1919 Toronto-June 29, 2006 New York City) also known as Lloyd George Richards was an American actor, theatre director, theatrical producer, film director and television director.

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Bill Idelson

Bill Idelson (August 21, 1919 Forest Park-December 31, 2007 Los Angeles) was an American television producer, screenwriter and actor.

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Maurice Browning

Maurice Browning (May 11, 1919-December 1, 1983 Middlesex) also known as Maurice Allen Albert Browning was a British actor.

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Laurence Payne

Laurence Payne (June 5, 1919 London-February 23, 2009 London) otherwise known as Laurence Stanley Payne, Laurie Payne or Larry Two was an English actor and novelist.

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Gene Barry

Gene Barry (June 14, 1919 Brooklyn-December 9, 2009 Woodland Hills) also known as Eugene Klass was an American actor. He had three children, Michael Barry, Frederick Barry and Elizabeth Barry.

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Martin Balsam

Martin Balsam (November 4, 1919 The Bronx-February 13, 1996 Rome) a.k.a. Martin Henry Balsam or The Bronx Barrymore was an American actor. He had three children, Talia Balsam, Zoe Balsam and Adam Balsam.

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Mel Brandt

Mel Brandt (June 18, 1919 Brooklyn-March 14, 2008) also known as Melvin Brandt was an American actor.

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Red Buttons

Red Buttons (February 5, 1919 New York City-July 13, 2006 Century City) also known as Aaron Chwatt or Cpl. Red Buttons was an American comedian and actor. He had two children, Adam Chwatt and Amy Chwatt.

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M. N. Nambiar

M. N. Nambiar (March 7, 1919 Kannur-November 19, 2008 Chennai) also known as Manjeri Narayanan Nambiar, M.N. Nambiyar, Maha Guruswamy, Nambiar swami, Maha Guruswami, Nambiar Guruswami, Nambiar or M.N.Nambiar was an Indian actor. He had three children, Sukumar Nambiar, Mohan Nambiar and Sneha Nambiar.

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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Giuseppe Rinaldi (September 14, 1919 Rome-December 15, 2007 Rome) was an Italian actor and voice actor. He had three children, Antonella Rinaldi, Massimo Rinaldi and Francesca Rinaldi.

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Andrea Bosic

Andrea Bosic (August 15, 1919 Maribor-January 8, 2012 Bologna) also known as Andrea J. Bosic, Andrey Bosic, Andrea Bosich or Ignazio Andrej Božič was a Slovene actor.

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Jacques Mauclair

Jacques Mauclair (January 12, 1919 15th arrondissement of Paris-December 21, 2001 4th arrondissement) also known as Jacques Louis Mauclair was a French actor.

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Louis Miehe-Renard

Louis Miehe-Renard (April 11, 1919 Copenhagen-January 21, 1997 Denmark) also known as Louis Meihe Renard or Louis Christian Miehe-Renard was a Danish actor. He had five children, Isabella Miehe-Renard, Martin Miehe-Renard, Pierre Miehe-Renard, Katja Miehe-Renard and Anja Miehe-Renard.

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Mogens Wieth

Mogens Wieth (September 16, 1919 Copenhagen-September 10, 1962 London) was a Danish actor. His child is called Julie Wieth.

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Ove Sprogøe

Ove Sprogøe (December 21, 1919 Odense-September 14, 2004 Tårnby) also known as Ove Wendelboe Sprogøe Petersen or Sprogøe, Ove was a Danish actor and singer. He had three children, Henning Sprogøe, Svend Sprogøe and Jørgen Sprogøe.

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Rolf Olsen

Rolf Olsen (December 26, 1919 Vienna-April 3, 1998 Starnberg) also known as Rudolf Knoblich, Emerson Fox, Dudley Joker or Rolf Ohlsen was an Austrian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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José María Caffarel

José María Caffarel (November 10, 1919 Barcelona-November 6, 1999 Barcelona) also known as Josep M. Cafarel, José Mª Cafarel, Jose Maria Cafarell, Jose Mª Cafarell, Josef Cafarell, José María Cafarell, José Mª Cafarell, Giuseppe Cafarelli, J. Mª Caffarel, J.Mª. Caffarel, John Caffarel, Jose M. Caffarel, Jose Ma. Caffarel, Jose Maria Caffarel, Jose Ma Caffarel, Jose Caffarel, José M. Caffarel, José Mª. Caffarel, José Mª Caffarel, José Caffarel, S. M. Caffarel, Jose Mª Caffarell, José M. Caffarell, José M.ª Caffarell, José Mª Caffarell, Caffarel, José M. Cafffarel or José María Caffarel Fábregas was a Spanish actor and voice actor. He had one child, Carmen Caffarel.

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Hans Richter

Hans Richter (January 12, 1919 Potsdam-October 5, 2008 Heppenheim) was a German actor and film director. His children are called Hansjoachim Richter and Thomas Richter.

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Tennessee Ernie Ford

Tennessee Ernie Ford (February 13, 1919 Bristol-October 17, 1991 Reston) also known as Tennesee Ernie Ford, "Tennessee" Ernie Ford, Tennesse Ernie Ford, Ernest Jennings Ford, Ford, Tennessee Ernie or Tennessee Ernie was an American singer, actor, author, announcer, military officer and presenter. His children are called Jeffrey Buckner Ford and Brion Leonard Ford.

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Armando Calvo

Armando Calvo (December 25, 1919 San Juan-July 6, 1996 Mexico City) also known as Armando Pascual Calvo Lespier or Armandito was a Spanish actor.

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André Valmy

André Valmy (October 8, 1919 Paris-) also known as Andre Valmy or André Antoine Marius Dugenet is a French actor and voice actor.

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Henri Vidal

Henri Vidal (November 26, 1919 Royat-December 10, 1959 Paris) a.k.a. Henry Vidal or Henri Lucien Raymond Vidal was a French actor.

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Hampe Faustman

Hampe Faustman (July 3, 1919 Stockholm-August 26, 1961 Sweden) a.k.a. Erik Hampe Faustman, Erik "Hampe" Faustman or Erik Faustman was a Swedish actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Roger Pigaut

Roger Pigaut (April 8, 1919 Vincennes-December 24, 1989 Paris) a.k.a. Roger Paul Louis Pigot was a French actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Joe Seneca

Joe Seneca (January 14, 1919 Cleveland-August 15, 1996 Roosevelt Island) a.k.a. Joel McGhee was an American actor, songwriter and singer.

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Sam Wanamaker

Sam Wanamaker (June 14, 1919 Chicago-December 18, 1993 London) a.k.a. Samuel Wanamaker, Samuel Wanamaker, CBE or Samuel Watenmaker was an American actor, film director, television director and theatre director. He had three children, Zoë Wanamaker, Abby Wanamaker and Jessica Wanamaker.

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Steve Brodie

Steve Brodie (November 21, 1919 El Dorado-January 9, 1992 West Hills) also known as John Stevenson, John Stevens, Steve Brody, Steve Broide, John Stephens or Steve Brode was an American actor. He had one child, Kevin Brodie.

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Miklós Gábor

Miklós Gábor (April 7, 1919 Zalaegerszeg-July 2, 1998 Budapest) was a Hungarian actor and theatre director. He had one child, Júlia Gábor.

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Ferenc Bessenyei

Ferenc Bessenyei (February 10, 1919 Hódmezővásárhely-December 27, 2004 Lajosmizse) a.k.a. Bessenyey Ferenc, Bessenyei Francis or Francis Bessenyei was a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

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Edmund Hockridge

Edmund Hockridge (August 9, 1919 Vancouver-March 15, 2009 Peterborough) otherwise known as Hockridge, Edmund was a Canadian singer and actor.

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Georg Adelly

Georg Adelly (October 19, 1919 Vardal-October 26, 1997 Gothenburg) also known as George Adelly or Georg Ingvald Adelly was a Norwegian actor. He had one child, Björn Adelly.

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Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee (July 7, 1919 Chelsea-May 20, 1996 Sherman) a.k.a. John Devon Roland Pertwee, Jon Pertwer, The Tall Light Bulb, John Pertwee, John Devon Roland de Perthuis de Laillevault, John Devon Roland "Jon" Pertwee, John Devon Roland, Jon or Pertwee was an English actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sean Pertwee and Dariel Pertwee.

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Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence (October 5, 1919 Worksop-February 2, 1995 Saint Paul de Vence) also known as Donald Henry Pleasence, Donald Pleasance, Don Pleasence, Donald Henry Pleasence, OBE or Donald Plesance was a British actor, soldier and voice actor. He had five children, Angela Pleasence, Miranda Pleasence, Lucy Pleasance, Polly Jo Pleasence and Jean Pleasence.

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Dan O'Herlihy

Dan O'Herlihy (May 1, 1919 Wexford-February 17, 2005 Malibu) also known as Daniel O'Herlihy, Dan O'Helihy or Dan O'Herilhy was an Irish actor and voice actor. He had four children, Patricia O'Herlihy, Cormac O'Herlihy, Gavin O'Herlihy and Lorcan O'Herlihy.

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Robert Stack

Robert Stack (January 13, 1919 Los Angeles-May 14, 2003 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Robert Langford Modini Stack, Charles Langford Modini Stack or Bob was an American actor, voice actor and presenter. He had two children, Charles Robert Stack and Elizabeth Wood Stack.

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Lex Barker

Lex Barker (May 8, 1919 Rye-May 11, 1973 New York City) also known as Alexander Crichlow Barker Jr., Alexander Crichlow Barker, Jr., Sexy Lexy, Alex Barker, Alexander Chrichlow BARKER Jr or Lex BARKER was an American actor. His children are called Christopher Barker, Lynn Thurlow Barker and Alexander Crichlow Barker III.

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Strother Martin

Strother Martin (March 26, 1919 Kokomo-August 1, 1980 Thousand Oaks) also known as Strather Martin, Strother Martin, Jr., Strother Douglas Martin Jr. or T-Bone Martin was an American actor, swimming teacher and swimmer.

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Lino Ventura

Lino Ventura (July 14, 1919 Parma-October 22, 1987 Saint-Cloud) a.k.a. Angiolino Giuseppe Pasquale Ventura, Lino or Angiolino Giuseppe Pascal Ventura was an Italian actor and wrestler. His children are called Clelia Ventura, Laurent Ventura, Mylène Ventura and Linda Ventura.

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Maxwell Reed

Maxwell Reed (April 2, 1919 Larne-August 16, 1974 London) was a British actor.

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Jack Palance

Jack Palance (February 18, 1919 Hazle Township-November 10, 2006 Montecito) also known as Jack Brazzo, Walter J. Palance, Walter Jack Palance, Volodymyr Palahniuk, Walter Palance, Walter {Jack} Palance, Vladimir Palahnuik, Volodymyr Jack Palahniuk or Volodymir Ivanovich Palahniuk was an American actor, professional boxer, painter, journalist, pilot and author. He had three children, Brooke Palance, Holly Palance and Cody Palance.

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Jean Lefebvre

Jean Lefebvre (October 3, 1919 Valenciennes-July 9, 2004 Marrakesh) also known as Jean Lefevbre, Jean Lefèvre, Jean Lefevre or Jean Marcel Lefebvre was a French actor. He had five children, Catherine Lefebvre, Pascal Lefebvre, Bernard Lefebvre, Carole Lefebvre and Marie-Christine Lefebvre.

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