Famous actors died as a result of Post-polio syndrome

Here are 1 famous actors from the world died in Post-polio syndrome:

Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson (January 18, 1932 Brooklyn-January 11, 2007 Santa Cruz) also known as RAW, Robert Edward Wilson, Wilson, Robert Anton or Robert Wilson was an American author, writer, philosopher, novelist, playwright, actor and psychologist.

Wilson is best known for his book series, the Illuminatus! Trilogy, which he co-wrote with Robert Shea in the 1970s. He was a prolific writer, penning over 35 books on a variety of topics including psychology, politics, and spirituality. Wilson was also an avid proponent of various conspiracy theories and a self-described agnostic mystic. His work influenced countercultural movements such as the Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius. In addition to his writing, Wilson was a lecturer and performer, giving talks and one-man shows on his ideas and beliefs. Despite suffering from various health issues throughout his life, he remained active and continued to write and speak until his death in 2007.

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