Famous actors died as a result of Tongue Cancer

Here are 2 famous actors from the world died in Tongue Cancer:

Bruno Cremer

Bruno Cremer (October 6, 1929 Saint-Mandé-August 7, 2010 Paris) also known as Bruno Jean Marie Crémer, Jean-Marie Drillon, Bruno Jean Marie Cremer or Bruno Crémer was a French actor. He had three children, Marie-Clémentine Cremer, Stéphane Cremer and Constance Cremer.

Cremer began his acting career on stage, and later transitioned to film and television. He appeared in over 80 films, including Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy and Jean-Pierre Melville's Army of Shadows. However, he is best known for his portrayal of Detective Chief Inspector Jules Maigret in the TV series Maigret, which aired from 1991 to 2005. Cremer's performance as Maigret earned him widespread critical acclaim and made him a household name in France. In addition to his acting, Cremer was also a talented writer and published two novels in the 1990s. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 80 after a long battle with cancer.

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Romy Diaz

Romy Diaz (November 14, 1941 Pampanga-May 10, 2005 Metro Manila) also known as Romy Diax, Judas or Romy was a Filipino actor.

He appeared in over a hundred films throughout his career, often playing supporting roles or villainous characters. Some of his notable films include "Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?" and "Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag." Diaz was also a stuntman and had worked as a bodyguard for several Filipino celebrities. He was known for his tough and rugged appearance, which made him a popular choice for action movies. Diaz passed away in 2005 due to liver cancer.

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