Famous movie actresses died when they were 36

Here are 7 famous actresses from the world died at 36:

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 Los Angeles-August 5, 1962 Brentwood) also known as Marylin Monroe, Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marliyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Mortensen, Norma Jeane Baker, Norma Jeane DiMaggio, Norma Jeane Dougherty, Marilyn Monroe Miller, The Blonde Bombshell, MM, Merilin Monro or Jean Norman was an American model, singer, actor, showgirl and film producer.

She died in barbiturate overdose.

Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson in Los Angeles and spent most of her childhood in foster homes and an orphanage. She began her career as a model and was eventually discovered by a talent agent who helped her break into the film industry.

Monroe became a major sex symbol in the 1950s and starred in several popular movies, including "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "The Seven Year Itch," and "Some Like It Hot." She also pursued a singing career and recorded several successful albums.

Despite her success, Monroe struggled with personal issues throughout her life, including a tumultuous relationship with her third husband, playwright Arthur Miller. Her death at age 36 was ruled a probable suicide, though there has been much speculation and controversy surrounding the circumstances of her passing.

Today, Marilyn Monroe remains an iconic figure in Hollywood history and is often regarded as one of the most beautiful and captivating actresses of all time.

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Evelyn Preer

Evelyn Preer (July 16, 1896 Vicksburg-November 27, 1932 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Evelyn Jarvis was an American singer, actor and vaudeville performer. She had one child, Edeve Thompson.

She died in pneumonia.

Evelyn Preer started her career in the 1910s and quickly became a sought after performer in the African American community. She starred in numerous films produced by Oscar Micheaux, a pioneer of African American filmmaking in the early 20th century. Preer's performances in films such as "Within Our Gates" (1920) and "Body and Soul" (1925) helped establish her as one of the most talented and versatile actors of her time.

Her success in the film industry led to her becoming one of the first African American women to receive top billing in Hollywood. Despite this achievement, Preer faced racial discrimination and was often subjected to portray stereotypical roles in films. Despite her struggles, she continued to make a name for herself through her talent and dedication to her craft.

Evelyn Preer's legacy continues to live on, and her contributions to the film industry have helped pave the way for future generations of African American actors and actresses. She is remembered today as a trailblazer and an inspiration to all those who aspire to make their mark in entertainment.

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Gail Russell

Gail Russell (September 21, 1924 Chicago-August 26, 1961 Brentwood) also known as Elizabeth L. Russell or Elizabeth Russell was an American actor.

She died in myocardial infarction.

Gail Russell began her acting career in the late 1940s and rose to fame for her roles in films such as "The Uninvited" and "Angel and the Badman". Despite her success in Hollywood, Russell struggled with alcohol addiction, which ultimately led to her untimely death at the age of 36. She was known for her natural beauty and understated acting style, which made her a favorite among audiences during her career. Russell's legacy continues to inspire new generations of actors and film enthusiasts.

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June Thorburn

June Thorburn (June 8, 1931 British Raj-November 4, 1967 Blackdown, West Sussex) also known as Tricia Thubron, Trisha Thubron or Patricia June Thubron Smith was a British actor. She had two children, Heather-Louise June Bryse-Harvey and Inger-Sheleen Christabel Smith-Petersen.

She died in aviation accident or incident.

June Thorburn was born in Punjab, British India, and later moved to England where she developed a passion for acting. She received her training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and soon began her career in both films and theatre. She appeared in several popular films of the 1950s and 1960s, including "Ferry to Hong Kong" and "Tom Thumb". Thorburn was also noted for her work in the theatre, and was part of the cast of the highly acclaimed play, "The Hostage".

Tragically, Thorburn's promising career was cut short when she died in a plane crash in 1967. She was traveling with her husband, two children, and her father when their small plane crashed into a hillside in West Sussex. The accident was a devastating blow to the entertainment industry, and her loss is still felt by many today. Despite her short career, June Thorburn is remembered as a talented and captivating actor, who brought her unique style and energy to every role she played.

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Lupe Vélez

Lupe Vélez (July 18, 1908 San Luis Potosí-December 13, 1944 Glendale) also known as Lupe Velez, Maria Guadaloupe Velez de Villalobos, The Hot Pepper, The Mexican Spitfire, María Guadalupe Villalobos Vélez, Mexican Spitfire or María Guadalupe Vélez de Villalobos was a Mexican actor.

She died as a result of drug overdose.

Lupe Vélez began her career in Mexican cinema in the late 1920s and quickly became known for her beauty and charming on-screen presence. She gained popularity in Hollywood during the 1930s and starred in films such as "The Gaucho" (1927), "Laughing Boy" (1934), and "The Girl from Mexico" (1939). Vélez was also known for her temperamental nature off-screen, which often caused conflicts with directors and co-stars.

Tragically, Vélez's life was cut short when she died by suicide at the age of 36. As rumors circulated about the circumstances of her death, they were largely debunked in the biography "Lupe Velez: The Life and Career of Hollywood's "Mexican Spitfire" by Michelle Vogel, which was published in 2012. Regardless of the rumors, Vélez remains a memorable and influential figure in Hollywood history.

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Madhubala (February 14, 1933 Peshawar-February 23, 1969 Mumbai) also known as Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi, Venus Queen, Baby Mumtaz, Mumtaz, Madhu Bala, Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi, Mumtaz Jehan Begum, Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi, Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi or Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi was an Indian actor.

She died as a result of ventricular septal defect.

Madhubala was born as Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi in Peshawar, British India (now in Pakistan). She made her debut in Bollywood at the age of 9 and then went on to become one of the most iconic actresses in Indian cinema. Madhubala starred in over 70 films, including classics like Mughal-e-Azam and Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.

She was known for her beauty, elegance, and talent and was often referred to as the Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood. Madhubala was also the first Indian actress to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

Despite her success, Madhubala's personal life was tumultuous. She was married to actor and filmmaker Kishore Kumar but their marriage was short-lived. Madhubala was diagnosed with a heart condition at a young age and her health deteriorated over time. She passed away at the age of 36, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most talented and influential actresses in Indian cinema.

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Merna Kennedy

Merna Kennedy (September 7, 1908 Kankakee-December 20, 1944 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Maude Kahler was an American actor.

She died in myocardial infarction.

Merna Kennedy began her career as a professional skater in Chicago. She was noticed by filmmaker Mack Sennett and began acting in silent comedy films. Her breakthrough role was in the Charlie Chaplin film "The Circus" (1928) where she played his love interest. Throughout the 1920s, she appeared in several other silent films, often playing comedic roles.

As the film industry transitioned to sound, Kennedy's career slowed down. She continued to act in various films throughout the 1930s, but her roles were often smaller and less significant. In the early 1940s, she left Hollywood and moved to New York City to work in the fashion industry.

Tragically, Merna Kennedy died at the age of 36 from a heart attack. Despite her relatively short career, she is remembered for her roles in some of the most iconic films of the silent era.

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