Famous actresses died as a result of Liver cancer

Here are 12 famous actresses from the world died in Liver cancer:

Ann Sheridan

Ann Sheridan (February 21, 1915 Denton-January 21, 1967 Los Angeles) also known as Clara Lou Sheridan, The "Oomph" Girl or Oomph Girl was an American actor. She had one child, Richard Sheridan.

Ann Sheridan was born in Denton, Texas as Clara Lou Sheridan. She grew up in California and started her career in the film industry by working as an extra in various movies. She was discovered by a talent scout and was offered a contract by Warner Bros. in 1934.

Sheridan appeared in many successful films during the 1930s and 1940s, including "Angels with Dirty Faces", "Dodge City", and "They Drive by Night". She was known for her natural beauty and confidence, earning her the nickname "Oomph Girl".

Sheridan was also involved in radio and television shows and was a popular pin-up girl during World War II. Despite her successful career, Sheridan struggled with personal issues off screen, including multiple failed marriages and battles with alcoholism.

She passed away at the age of 51 from esophageal cancer in Los Angeles, leaving behind one son, Richard Sheridan. She is remembered as an iconic actress of Hollywood's Golden Age.

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Liddy Holloway

Liddy Holloway (March 27, 1947 Wellington-December 29, 2004 Auckland) also known as Elizabeth Holloway, Elizabeth Brenda "Liddy" Holloway or Elizabeth Brenda Holloway was a New Zealand actor, screenwriter and journalist. She had three children, Joel Tobeck, Francesca Holibar and Mark Harlen.

Liddy Holloway began her acting career in the 1970s and became a well-known face on New Zealand television with her roles in dramas such as "Gloss" and "Marlin Bay". She also wrote for television shows such as "Shortland Street" and "Plainclothes", and worked as a journalist for various publications. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Holloway was a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and co-founded the mental health support organization, Skylight Trust. She received the Queen's Service Medal for her services to the community in 2000. Holloway tragically passed away in 2004 due to complications from cancer.

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Patricia Lovell

Patricia Lovell (November 27, 2014 Artarmon-January 26, 2013 Sydney) a.k.a. Patricia Anne Tasman, Pat Lovell, Patricia Anna Parr, Patricia Lovell AM, MBE, Miss Pat or Patricia Anne Parr was an Australian film producer and actor. She had two children, Jenny Lovell and Simon Lovell.

Patricia Lovell was born in Artarmon, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. She began her career in the entertainment industry as an actor in the 1940s, appearing in numerous Australian films and television shows. In the 1960s, she transitioned into producing and is best known for producing the classic Australian film, "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (1975).

Lovell was a pioneer for women in the Australian film industry, and her contributions were recognized with many prestigious awards throughout her career, including an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 1978 and an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) in 2002.

Lovell was also instrumental in establishing the Australian film and television industry, serving as the first female president of the Screen Producers Association of Australia and as a founding member of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

In addition to her career in film, Lovell was a dedicated philanthropist, serving as a patron of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Brain Foundation. She passed away in 2013 at the age of 98, leaving behind a legacy as a trailblazer for women and a highly respected figure in the Australian film industry.

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Margaret Hayes

Margaret Hayes (December 5, 1916 Baltimore-January 26, 1977 Miami Beach) also known as Florette Regina Ottenheimer, Maggie Hayes, Dana Dale, Margaret 'Maggie' Hayes or Margaret Hayes Swope was an American actor. She had two children, Tracy Brooks Swope and Nan Debuskey.

Margaret Hayes started her career as a model in the 1930s before transitioning to Hollywood films in the 1940s. She appeared in over 40 films in her career, including "Blackboard Jungle" and "Terror in the Haunted House." She was also a regular on television, appearing on shows such as "The Twilight Zone," "Perry Mason," and "Gunsmoke." Hayes was married twice, first to Leif Erickson and then to Broadway producer Russell Crouse. She passed away at the age of 60 from lung cancer.

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Lupe Ontiveros

Lupe Ontiveros (September 17, 1942 El Paso-July 26, 2012 Whittier) also known as Lupe M. Ontiveros, Guadalupe Moreno or Guadalupe Ontiveros was an American actor and voice actor. She had three children, Nicholas Ontiveros, Elias Ontiveros and Alejandro Ontiveros.

Ontiveros appeared in over 100 films and television shows throughout her career. Some of her notable roles include Yolanda Saldívar in the biopic "Selena", Juanita Solis in the popular television series "Desperate Housewives", and the housekeeper Rosalita in the film "The Goonies". She was also a frequent collaborator with director Gregory Nava, appearing in several of his films including "El Norte", "My Family", and "Selena". Ontiveros became a passionate advocate for Latino representation in the entertainment industry and in 1990 she co-founded the Latino Theater Company in Los Angeles. In 2004, she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

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Tracy Reed

Tracy Reed (September 21, 1942 London-May 2, 2012 West Cork) a.k.a. Clare Tracy Compton Pelissier was a British actor. Her children are called Lucy Preston, Kelly Simpson and Katy Simpson.

Tracy Reed started her career as a model before transitioning to acting in the 1960s. She appeared in various films and television shows, including The Party, Casino Royale, The Avengers, and Space: 1999. Reed worked in both British and American productions throughout her career.

Aside from acting, Tracy Reed was also a writer and a painter. She wrote several books, including one about her experiences during her time in Hollywood. In her later years, Reed moved to Ireland, where she continued to paint until her passing in 2012.

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Bunney Brooke

Bunney Brooke (January 9, 1921 Golden Square-April 2, 2000 Manly) a.k.a. Bunny Brooke or Dorothy Cronin was an Australian actor.

Brooke began her career as a stage actress in the 1940s and later transitioned to film and television. She appeared in several popular Australian TV series including "Homicide," "The Sullivans," and "Prisoner." In addition to her acting work, Brooke also served as a drama teacher and mentor to many aspiring actors. She was awarded the Order of Australia in 1991 for her contribution to the performing arts. Brooke passed away in 2000 at the age of 79.

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Anne Nagel

Anne Nagel (September 29, 1915 Boston-July 6, 1966 Hollywood) a.k.a. Anne Dolan or Ann Nagel was an American actor and model.

Nagel began her career as a model in the mid-1930s, before transitioning to acting in films in 1936. She appeared in a variety of films throughout the 1930s and 1940s, including horror films and westerns. Nagel also worked on radio, appearing on shows such as The Abbott and Costello Show and The Lone Ranger.

In addition to her acting career, Nagel was known for her personal life. She was married three times and often surrounded by controversy. She was briefly involved with mobster Bugsy Siegel and her third husband was a convicted felon.

Nagel's career declined in the 1950s, and she made her last film appearance in 1958. She passed away in 1966 at the age of 50, after suffering a heart attack. Despite her relatively short career, Nagel left an impression on Hollywood and is remembered for her performances in classic films such as Sutter's Gold and Black Friday.

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Suzanne Cloutier

Suzanne Cloutier (July 10, 1923 Ottawa-December 2, 2003 Montreal) also known as Anne Saint Jean was a Canadian actor and television producer. She had three children, Andrea Ustinov, Pavla Ustinov and Igor Ustinov.

Cloutier began her acting career as a teenager, performing on the stage in both Canada and the United States. She eventually made her way to Hollywood, where she appeared in several films, including "All the King's Men" and "The Naked City". However, it was her work in the theatre that she was most celebrated for, particularly her performances in productions of "Romeo and Juliet" and "Othello".

In the 1950s, Cloutier returned to Canada and founded the Shakespearean Festival in Stratford, Ontario, which eventually became one of the most renowned theatre festivals in North America. She also worked as a television producer, helping to create and produce several series for CBC Television.

Throughout her life, Cloutier remained dedicated to the promotion of Canadian theatre and culture, and was awarded several honours for her contributions to the arts, including the Order of Canada.

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Marilyn Schreffler

Marilyn Schreffler (June 14, 1945 Concordia-January 7, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as Marilyn Sue Schreffler or Marilyn Scheffler was an American actor and voice actor.

She was born in Concordia, Kansas and grew up in California. Schreffler appeared in several films and TV shows throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including "Laverne & Shirley," "The Love Boat," "Amazing Stories," and "General Hospital."

Schreffler was also a prolific voice actor, lending her voice to numerous animated productions such as "The Smurfs," "The Jetsons," "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," and "The Flintstones."

Sadly, Schreffler passed away in 1988 in Los Angeles at the age of 42 due to complications from a rare liver disorder. Despite her relatively short career, she left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and is remembered fondly by her peers and fans.

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Jean Willes

Jean Willes (April 15, 1923 Los Angeles-January 3, 1989 Van Nuys) also known as Jean Donahue, Jean Willis, Jean Wilkes or Jean Donohue was an American actor. She had one child, Gerry Cowhig.

Jean Willes began her acting career in the 1940s, appearing in minor roles in films such as "The Strange Woman" and "The Judge Steps Out". She was often cast as a tough-talking, no-nonsense character in both film and television, and became known for her roles in westerns such as "Gunsmoke" and "Maverick". In addition to her work on screen, Willes also acted in theater productions and radio dramas. She retired from acting in the 1970s and passed away in 1989 at the age of 65.

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Nobuko Otowa

Nobuko Otowa (October 1, 1924 Yonago-December 22, 1994) also known as Nabuko Otowa, Nobuko Kaji, Nobuko Otawa, Kaji Nobuko, 乙羽 信子, Shindo Nobuko or Otowa Nobuko was a Japanese actor. Her child is called Jiro Shindo.

Nobuko Otowa started her career in theater before making her film debut in 1951. She appeared in over 100 films throughout her career, working with notable Japanese directors such as Akira Kurosawa, Kaneto Shindo, and Masaki Kobayashi. Otowa often played complex and strong-willed characters, and was known for her ability to portray the struggles of rural Japanese women. In addition to her film work, she was a regular performer in television drama series and also worked as a voice actress in anime. Otowa received numerous awards for her performances, including the Best Actress award at the 10th Moscow International Film Festival for her role in The River Fuefuki. She passed away in 1994 at the age of 70.

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