Famous actresses died as a result of Pleurisy

Here are 1 famous actresses from the world died in Pleurisy:

Viola Tree

Viola Tree (July 17, 1884 London-November 15, 1938 London) was a British actor, singer, playwright and author. Her children are called David Tree, Denys Parsons and Virginia Penelope Parsons.

Born as Violet Georgina Tree, Viola Tree was the daughter of actor Herbert Beerbohm Tree and actress Helen Maud Holt. She trained as a singer and made her stage debut in 1904. Tree acted in numerous plays in London's West End and in New York, including such classics as "As You Like It" and "The Importance of Being Earnest." In addition to her acting career, Tree was also an accomplished playwright and authored several successful works such as "The Chinese Puzzle."

Aside from her work in the theater, Tree was also an avid writer and authored several books, including a memoir about her parents titled "Parent's Progress." Tree was married twice, first to theatre producer Frank Buckland and then to writer and broadcaster Ronald Knox. She had three children from her first marriage and was also known for her social activism, advocating for women's rights and participating in the suffrage movement. She passed away in 1938 at the age of 54.

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